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Greetings from Michael Meredith
Director of The Pig Disease Information Centre UK


Thank-you for visiting this farm animal health, welfare and food safety website. If you do not find what you need, or have any suggestions for how we can improve our service, please send me a quick message, all feedback is appreciated:

I believe that human health and welfare (be it the health and welfare of farmers, consumers, politicians or voters) is directly related to livestock health and welfare.

In most developed countries we are blessed with plentiful and cheap food, but the cost of providing that sometimes becomes unacceptably high for farmers and for farm animals.

Scientific, evidence based, medicine (EBM - more about this), and research-based veterinary medicine, brought us huge benefits in the 20th century. They continue to be important in the 21st century but, as the history of medicine teaches us, new types of problem (e.g. HPAI Influenza, prion diseases, antibiotic resistance, food safety issues, bioterrorism, PMWS, PRRS) constantly emerge. Inevitably, the problems that 20th century approaches cannot solve, are tending to grow and accumulate.


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Do we have any new medical/veterinary approaches opening up in the 21st century?

Fortunately we do!
My own lifelong passion for the health and welfare of people and animals has been fired by the re-emergence in recent years of ancient healing arts.

My personal mission is to integrate these ancient intuitive, wisdom & life energy ("chi" or "ki") approaches with the discipline, rationality and "groundedness" of 20th century scientific approaches to health and welfare. Our approach to health, welfare or food safety problems then becomes holistic. I believe that by integrating these "left brain" (logical, rational) and "right brain" (intuitive/emotional/spiritual) approaches to health and welfare we can produce, not just additive effects, but actually a "synergy" - benefits more powerful than the simple additive benefits of the two approaches.

Do come and visit us again soon at www.pighealth.com

and my best wishes for your happiness and success in 2010!

Michael Meredith



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