Dino, Godzilla, and the Pigs:
My Life on Our Missouri Hog Farm

by Mary E. Fricke & Mary B. Meehan


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Provides a woman's-eye view of the real world of a family farm in the Missouri heartland, discussing the never-ending world of crops, livestock, seasonal work, the lack of operating funds, and the land. Photographs enhance the sense of sharing her experiences.

Mary Fricke recounts the emotions, dramas and difficulties of combining the role of mother, homemaker and farmhand (including those first memorable experiences of relating to and working with the porcine species!).
Godzilla is a huge field implement that she has to learn to drive and Dino is a combined harvester that reminds her of a brontosaurus. The book has been described as a wife's vivid diary of modern farm life.

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