Stockmanship & Stockpersons: selection, skills & training

Human-Livestock Interactions

The Stockperson, Productivity & Welfare
Intensively Farmed Animals

Paul H. Hemsworth & G.J. Coleman

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  • The Stockperson as a professional - Skills, Knowledge, Status
  • Ethics of animal farming: implications for the stockperson
  • Human-animal interactions, Animal Productivity & Welfare
  • Attitudes of stockpeople
  • Stockperson Behaviour & Animal Behaviour
  • A model of Stockperson-Animal interactions & implications for animals
  • Changing stockperson attitudes & behaviour
  • Current & future opportunities to improve human-animal interactions
  • References
  • Index


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Intended readership:
Stockpersons, students, teachers and research workers in animal science, ethology, applied psychology, animal welfare and veterinary medicine, farm managers

Publisher information:
This book is unique in summarising behavioural theories, research results and farming productivity implications in a way accessible to all those with an interest in this vital but neglected topic.
A rationale is proposed for training and selection programmes for stockpeople in order to improve both productivity and welfare in a climate of increasing consumer concern.


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