How to indulge in bacon, napping, pleasure and swearing without guilt

Endangered Pleasures:

In Defense of Naps, Bacon, Martinis, Profanity
and Other Indulgences!

by Barbara Holland (2000)


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In this winsome celebration of life's lost, forgotten, and underappreciated pleasures, Holland offers dozens of short, witty essays which capture the joys of such sensational and hedonistic pursuits as ice-cold martinis, smoking, yawning and stretching, and "real" tomatoes.

The minute the alarm clock punctures our dreams, we go to work. We have convinced ourselves that productivity is the name of the game and that leisure is a notorious sign of laziness. In Endangered Pleasures, Barbara Holland insists that enough is enough. It's time to kick back, relax, and relish the truly good things in life. "Delightfully quirky."- The Boston Globe.

First cigars and gin topped the list. Then red meat, Cadillacs, coffee with caffeine, and sleeping late all began to edge toward extinction. Barbara Holland makes an impassioned defense of life's little pleasures in a book that will entertain diehard sinners, comfort the secretly licentious, and encourage those who just need a little nudge to abandon jogging and no-fat salad dressing.

Comments by the author, Barbara Holland - bholland@mnsinc.com:
Highly recommended for thrifty recycling I have here a mountain of fan mail (not to mention embarrassingly lovely reviews by everyone from Russell Baker in the New York Times to the National Review to the Atlantic Monthly) recommending ENDANGERED PLEASURES as possibly the first all-purpose gift for persons over the age of reason - whatever that may be.

Few will confess to having bought a single copy, read it carefully with clean hands, and passed it on, but they all say they rushed right out and bought more copies to give to those who get up too early in the morning, work too hard, eat nothing but broccoli and whole-grain pasta, and run 6 miles in the cold dark before dawn, plus additional copies for those who already eat chicken gravy, lie in hammocks, respect the sloth of Sundays, take the longest vacations they can wangle, and perhaps even replace the plastic bottle of spring water with an ice-cold martini.

I am happy to have confirmed the bad habits of so many incorrect people, and perhaps rebuked the good habits of the hard-working and healthful. Why live to be 100 if it's going to feel like 200? I encourage you to buy a whole flock of copies, but for the impoverished, wash your hands first, then give it to your beastly Aunt Hattie with the cold showers and wool undies, or the brotherwho brags about working 90 hours a week and no longer recognizes the wife & kiddies.

More comments from the author, Barbara Holland - bholland@mnsinc.com:
Hey, whoa, happy to be here, don't get hostile! Obviously I believe everyone should knuckle down and buy several copies and don't lend them out - make EVERYONE buy several copies. You are, however, welcome to give them away.

- I'm told this is a great gift book happily welcomed by amiably laid-back friends and lovers and satisfyingly cursed by colleagues and relatives addicted to jogging, broccoli and the gloomy modern delights of self-flagellation, food deprivation and 90-hour work weeks. You need this book. It will renew the self-esteem of those who hate getting up in the morning, love going to bed at night, and long for the days of long summer vacations, ice-cold martinis, chicken gravy and driving without a seatbelt. When you're finished, pass it on to someone who needs it badly.

Amazon Customer comment from Goodwins@worldnet.att.net:
Rating = 8 out of 10
Soft. Seductive. Introspective. Great fun.
A marvelous compilation of the best pleasures of life. At times it made me feel guilty for enjoying myself so much. Holland's premise that we are loosing sight of simple, wholly self indulgent pleasure, hits the nail on the head. I found things I do and others I am certain to try. She missed my favorite of all, "the Sun nap". My family thinks I'm part lizard and part cat. I can't seem to get past a good sunbeam without stopping for a quick solar charge.

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