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The Compassion of Animals

by Kristin Von Kreisler


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Book Description
Animal lovers everywhere will respond to this book's touching, true-life tales of animal devotion, including selfless acts of life-saving heroism. In dozens of heart-warming stories, animals prove they are devoted to humans and even to other animals!


Reviews of this Collection of Moving Real-life Animal Stories

Publishers Weekly
Following her own harrowing experience during an earthquake, during which she received great solace and comfort from her pets, von Kreisler made a decision. She would collect and document stories from around the world of animal courage, kindness and, most significant, compassion. The result is an inspiring collection of animal loyalty, love and bravery. From Snort, the pet pig whose fine sense of smell detected carbon monoxide, saving her owners' lives, to Norman, the blind Labrador Retriever who risked his life to save a drowning woman, von Kreisler presents animals in roles such as "Champions of the Sick," "Selfless Guardians" and "Natural Healers."

Even though von Kreisler's argument that animals have human emotions is one still debated by animal behaviorists, no one can deny the emotional impact of this anecdotal book. Those animal lovers who have made Jeffrey Masson's When Elephants Weep and Dogs Never Lie About Love bestsellers will want these stories depicting animals at their finest.


Library Journal
Lassie, go home! Rin Tin Tin, move over! The deeds of these fictional dog heroes cannot compare with the exploits of the real-life animals detailed in this book. Motivated by the courageous behavior of her own pets during the 1989 San Francisco earthquake, the author resolved to write a comprehensive compilation of the heroic actions of dogs, cats, dolphins, horses, and even iguanas. There is Norman, the blind Labrador, who swam into the ocean to rescue an unknown child. There is Goliath, an iguana, who warned of an impending asthma attack. There is Ringo, a grouchy Manx cat, who alerted an elderly couple to a gas leak. A host of other anecdotes suggest that animals can be compassionate to their own species, humans, and the endangered and disabled of other species. Recommended for public libraries.

Reader from Oregon, USA
I recommended this book to our local Humane Society for their pet education department. The department has an outreach program to travel to schools and teach kindness to animals. This book is the best for this kind of teaching. It's filled with one short story after another, just right to read to a class of children and hold their attention. Each story opens our hearts to animals!

Reader from Berkeley, California
Delightful and moving stories.
This book awakens the reader to the inner life of God's creatures, their relationships with people, and left me with a much keener appreciation of their value in our lives. Good reading for all ages. I loved the book and my 9 year old daughter could not put it down.

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