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"A Little Pig Goes a Long Way"
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Dick King-Smith (author) & Stephen Thorne (narrator)


Famous filmstar Pig Babe - kids piggy story

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Famous filmstar Pig Babe - kids piggy story



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Babe is a sensitive soul, deeply loyal to those who are kind to him. So when he is taken in by Farmer Hogget's sheepdog, Fly, it's only natural that he would want to follow in his foster mum's paw-steps. Even with Babe's considerable handicaps as a sheepdog--namely, that he's a pig - he manages to overcome all with his earnestly polite and soft-spoken ways, proving once again that might doesn't always make right. After saving the sheep from rustlers and wild dogs, Babe convinces Hogget that his idea of becoming a sheep-pig "b'aint so stupid" as it might look. But neither Hogget nor Babe, nor anyone else, could have predicted what follows. The talking audiocassette version of that cute children' fairy tale story and film about the heroic and immensely lovable talking pig "Babe" and his farmyard friends and their adventurous trip to the big city. This tape would make a super birthday present for the child in your life!

Midwest Review:
This is the story that inspired the Babe movie: enjoy almost two hours of fine audio narration in which reader Stephen Thorne adds high drama and action to the story of a pig who searches for a way to escape his fate. This complete, unabridged story will appeal to all ages.

Babe is a heroic pig with an unprejudiced heart. He spends his days watching Farmer Hoggett and Rex and Fly (world-class sheepdogs) teaching their pups to be sheepdogs. Babe decides he wants to grow up to be a sheep-pig. This is the charming tale of what can happen when the underdog is an under-pig with an oversized heart.

Babe enters a sheepdog trial armed with the secret password of some sheep friends - "Baa-ram-ewe".



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