Daughter & Mother Relationship with Food

Like Mother, Like Daughter:

How Women Are Influenced by Their Mother's Relationship with Food and How to Break the Pattern

by Debra Waterhouse (1997)




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  • Introduction: An important Note to Mothers
  • Ch.1. The Generation Trap
  • Ch.2. Mothers Unknowingly Passing the Torch
  • Ch.3. Dieting Is Dangerous to Your Daughter's Health
  • Ch.4. From Girlhood to Womanhood: The Healthy Biological Passage
  • Ch.5. One Size Does Not Fit All: The Mother-Daughter Body Revolution
  • Ch.6. Emancipation from Emaciation: The Declaration of Food Independence
  • Ch.7. The Rebirth of Healthy Mother-Daughter Food Relationships
  • Ch.8. Like Mother, Like Daughter: From Generation Trap to Generation Triumph
  • Mothers, Daughters, and Food: A summary of findings from focus group interviews
  • Notes
  • Additional Resources
  • Suggested Reading
  • Organisations
  • Bibliography
  • Index


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Book reviews

COLOR="#0A05FF"> Synopsis:
Bestselling author and nutritionist Debra Waterhouse, whose revolutionary "Outsmarting the Female Fat Cell" has helped millions lose weight permanently, now addresses the most profound psychological influences on a woman's eating patterns: their mothers. In her newest book, Debra Waterhouse - a nationally respected expert on the unique difficulties women face in losing weight and eating healthily - cuts right to the emotional root of unhealthy eating, helping mothers and daughters break free from the vicious cycle and learn wholesome, sane eating practices. She gives solid advice on how to break these unhealthy patterns.

Customer Comment:
Donna@3ships.com (Donna Amato-Salvacion) , June 1997, rating = 8 out of 10:
Very Inspiring - "variety, moderation and balance".
If there is one thing, but there were many, that I got from this book is that the Love of food and dining my mother has shared with me is healthy. For the rest of the women who are in the a constant state of "diet" Ms. Waterhouse explains that you need only trust you own body to find its balance.
Very Zen!



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