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PORK is a much safer White Meat than CHICKEN!
PORK is a much safer White Meat than CHICKEN!

36% of UK population take oral antibiotics each year!

...Higher Antibiotic Resistance Risk than eating Meat!



*Antibiotic Resistance: MYTHS AND REALITIES!

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*ESBL Antibiotic Resistance [Extended Spectrum Beta-Lactamase] in Farm Animals: Review

*Antimicrobials Use Classification - Clash of E.U. & U.S. Views: Review

Antimicrobial Therapy in Veterinary Medicine 5th ISBN 0470963026

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Antimicrobial Therapy in Veterinary Medicine
5th Edition

The most comprehensive reference manual available on veterinary antimicrobial medication of food animals has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the rapid advancements in the field of antibacterial therapy. Encompassing all aspects of antibiotic drug use in animals, the book provides detailed coverage of virtually all types of antimicrobials relevant to animal health. Now with a new chapter on antimicrobial therapy in zoo animals, Antimicrobial Therapy in Veterinary Medicine offers a wealth of invaluable information for appropriately prescribing antimicrobial therapies and shaping public policy.

Divided into four sections covering general principles of antimicrobial therapy, classes of antimicrobial agents, special considerations, and antimicrobial drug use in multiple animal species, the text is enhanced by tables, diagrams, and photos. Antimicrobial Therapy in Veterinary Medicine is an essential resource for anyone concerned with the appropriate use of antimicrobial drugs, including veterinary practitioners, students, public health veterinarians, industry and pharmaceutical research scientists.


Food safety manual - The Field Guide to Understanding Human Error
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The Field Guide to Understanding Human Error

The old "Bad Apple Theory" of human error promotes the idea that a system is basically safe, with the exception of a few unreliable people. Breaking new ground beyond its successful predecessor, The Field Guide to Understanding Human Error guides you through the traps and misconceptions of the old view.

When faced with a human error problem, you may be tempted to ask 'Why didn't they watch out better? How could they not have noticed?'. You think you can solve your human error problem by telling people to be more careful, by reprimanding the miscreants, by issuing a new rule or procedure. These are all expressions of 'The Bad Apple Theory', where you believe your system is basically safe if it were not for those few unreliable people in it.

This old view of human error is increasingly outdated and will lead you nowhere.The new view, in contrast, understands that a human error problem is actually an organizational problem. Finding a 'human error' by any other name, or by any other human, is only the beginning of your journey, not a convenient conclusion. The new view recognizes that systems are inherent trade-offs between safety and other pressures (for example: production). People need to create safety through practice, at all levels of an organization.

Breaking new ground beyond its successful predecessor, The Field Guide to Understanding Human Error guides you through the traps and misconceptions of the old view. It explains how to avoid the hindsight bias, to zoom out from the people closest in time and place to the mishap, and resist the temptation of counterfactual reasoning and judgmental language. But it also helps you look forward. It suggests how to apply the new view in building your safety department, handling questions about accountability, and constructing meaningful countermeasures. It even helps you in getting your organization to adopt the new view and improve its learning from failure.So if you are faced by a human error problem, abandon the fallacy of a quick fix!

*Human Campylobacter Infections - Is it a Pig Problem? : Review

*Antibiotic Resistance - European Commission asks European Medicines Agency for Advice: News

*The Direct Relationship between Farm Animal Health & Food Safety Outcomes: Research

*Diarrhoea & Vomiting from Animal Contact & Livestock Environments: Research   Enteritis in Pigs

*Human Diarrhea & Chronic Fatigue Parasite Dientamoeba fragilis in Piglets, Finishers & Sows: News   Technical

*Salmonella Contamination of Pig Carcasses - Veterinary Impact on Food Safety: News

*Trichinella Suis in Pigs & Pork - Life Cycle & Incidence Europe & World: News

*Yersinia enterocolitica Zoonosis - Pig & Human Enteritis & Arthritis - Food Safety Measures: Research

*GM Farm Animals - Risk Assessment - European Food Safety Authority: News

Safety 24/7 Building an Incident-Free Culture - A Complete Practical Guide"Safety 24/7: Building an Incident-Free Culture"

"Whether in the energy, mining, and construction sector 'Safety 24/7' provides the tool necessary for creating a great company." [Ken Blanchard, Co-author of "The One Minute Manager"]

"The 'Safety 24/7' manual defines the commitment needed to improve the safety culture and drive to an incident free work environment." [Wilson Yancey, Director of Corporate Safety, Quanta Services]

"We have used the principles contained in 'Safety 24/7' to reduce our incident rates by over 50%." [Jon Marshall, President/CEO GlobalSantaFe, Corp.]

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*Junk Science Judo: Media Frenzy Health Scares & Food Scams

*MRSA-ST398 Infection in Livestock Farmers & Consumers in Rural Europe: Research

NEW 2nd edition 218 pages
Removing Obstacles to Safety
Published by Performance Management Publications ISBN: 0937100072
Health & Safety Practices & Procedures Manual - photos - picturesThis manual clearly explains a scientifically-based formula for removing barriers to safe practices behaviour, identifying and eliminating unsafe or at-risk actions and promoting safe habits at work or at home. Creating and maintaining a competitive food-producer, wholesaler, retail or consultancy business that keeps safety as a priority is tough. Any workplace HR organisation can create excellent practices, procedures and results for safer work environments, but human behaviour must be a key component of the safety team members of any successful health and safety enterprise.

Removing Obstacles to Safety: A Behavior-Based Approach can provide a quick, yet detailed, overview relevant to every member of any workforce, behavior-based safety (BBS) presents solutions to ergonomic, production, and lone-worker issues at every level. Though targeting safety at work, this book also serves as a handy and easy-to-understand guide that reveals how to use BBS anywhere at anytime - accidents don't just happen on the job. In fact, for many, taking this system home has demonstrated the value of positive steps that even kids can use to develop safe habits. Removing Obstacles to Safety - Health & Safety Images Diagrams Photographs posters

Case studies, chapter summaries, and a Q & A section kept the 1st edition in demand, but this revised edition offers even more: additional chapters further defining managerial, supervisory and frontline roles, leadership strategies, and industry-specific examples of applying this proven method to, and beyond, safety initiatives.

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*NEW Assessment Tool - Surveillance Systems for Animal Health & Food Safety: 2011

*Detection of New & Emerging Diseases on UK Livestock Farms - Salmonella Early Detection System: Research


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Salmonella Infection of Pigs, Pork Products, Farm Animals:
New & Popular Books
Salmonella Infections - Clinical Immunological and Molecular Aspects - Advances in Molecular and Cellular Microbiology by Duncan Maskell and Pietro Mastroeni Salmonella - Deadly Diseases and Epidemics by David Heymann, Danielle A. Brands, I. Edward Alcamo


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Zoonoses and zoonotic diseases Edited by H. Krauss


Diseases transmissible from Animal to Human and Vice Versa
Editor H. Krauss
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Zoonoses and Communicable Diseases Common to Man and Animals Third Edition by Pan American Health Organization
Zoonoses - Infectious Diseases Common to Man and Animals
Bacteria - Fungi - Chlamydia - Viruses - Parasites

Contents & Review

Emerging Zoonotic Diseases - Impact of Farm Animal Zoonoses on Human Health
Emerging Zoonotic Diseases:
Understanding the Impact on Animal and Human Health
Defined as infections which pass from animals to humans, zoonotic diseases have a negative impact on trade, travel and national economy. This workshop summary covers a range of zoonosis topics including an evaluation of the relative importance of zoonotic diseases against the overall backdrop of emerging infections; research findings related to the current state of our understanding of zoonotic diseases; surveillance and response strategies to detect, prevent and mitigate the impact of zoonotic diseases on human health.   Details

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Emerging Infectious Diseases CD
Emerging Infectious Diseases   ** CD-ROM **
21st Century Collection - Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

* official USA Government publications * (Core Federal Information Series)
Accurate and detailed information on Bioterrorism and serious viral and bacterial infections including: Hantavirus, Influenza, AIDS, Malaria, TB, Pox, Smallpox, Anthrax, Vaccines, Lyme Disease, Rabies, West Nile Virus, Hemorrhagic Fevers, Ebola, Encephalitis, tuberculosis.   Details

book image Salmonellosis and food safety

Salmonella: A Practical Approach to the Organism
and its Control in Foods

C. Bell and A. Kyriakides
Contents list & Synopsis



Food Safety Film: Inadequate Cooking and Contamination
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Food Safety in the European Union - EU Commission publications: on-line


Salmonella Safety - food & meat

Salmonella in Domestic Animals
Edited by C. Wray - UK Veterinary Laboratory Agency, Weybridge>
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E.coli 0157


Escherichia coli  0157 in Farm Animals

Editors: C S Stewart and H J Flint
Content list & Reviews



HACCP - Simple Guide to Understanding & Applying
the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Concept

(Ilsi Europe Concise Monograph Series)
by Bryan Bax
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