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Pig Anatomy in 3D - Scale Model [16cm]

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The Pig That Wants to Be Eaten + 99 Other Thought Experiments
The Pig That Wants to Be Eaten and Ninety Nine Other Thought Experiments - Farm livestock management skills trainingThe Pig That Wants to Be Eaten and Ninety Nine Other Thought Experiments - Leisure book reviews fiction and non-fiction - novels
A guide to finding clarity and creative solutions, without dogma, in an ethical or moral problem. Many of these fascinating stories concern eating, work, money and lifestyle issues and habits. Vegetarian issues surface in a number of stories - the "Eating Tiddles" story logically concludes that NOT eating our deceased pets is morally indefensible!
For people who value honest, intelligent discussion that does not shy away from difficulties!
"This book is like the Sudoku of moral philosophy!"
(New Statesman)

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Survival Lessons from Pigs - Swine Farming Humorous Guide Lessons from Pigs - what pig farming experience can teach us about survival skills and sustainable stress management in the business jungle

Workplace Lessons We can learn from Pigs!!
A funny but perceptive book, telling a slightly embellished true story linking human nature and the life lessons that come from working on a pig farm
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Photo of light leisure reading book - non-fiction best-sellerEndangered Pleasures:
In Defense of Naps, Bacon, Martinis, Profanity, and Other Indulgences
by Barbara Holland

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popular non fiction book reviewAnimals As Teachers and Healers:
True Stories and Reflections
by Susan Chernak McElroy and Dr. Michael W. Fox
When the author triumphed over cancer, she gave credit to the love of the animals in her life. In "Animals as Teachers and Healers", McElroy shares her remarkable story, along with true stories from others who have been touched by the loving energies of animals.

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Country Life: a Handbook for Realists and Dreamers
by Paul Heiney - TV presenter turned farmer
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non-fiction best selling women's bookLike Mother, Like Daughter:
How Women Are Influenced by Their Mother's Relationship With Food And How to Break the Pattern
by Debra Waterhouse
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Dino, Godzilla, and the Pigs:
My Life on Our Missouri Hog Farm
by Mary Elizabeth Fricke & Mary Beth Meehan
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The Couples Journey:
Intimacy As a Path to Wholeness
by Susan M. Campbell
Each relationship travels a five-stage path of growth toward satisfying intimacy: romance, power struggle, stability, commitment, co-creation. This insightful volume explains each stage and how to cope with it.

Now unfortunately out of print, but you can order a second hand copy via the Amazon bookshop.

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