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Pig Anatomy in 3D - Scale Model [16cm]

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Porcine Anatomy - Internal abdominal organs: diaphragm, heart, pig liver, spleen, small intestine, swine lung, heart, stomach, trachea oesophagus. Skeleton bones: vertebral column, forelimb bones scapula humerus radius bone, metacarpus vertebrae leg bones metatarsus tibia fibula, also snout tail hock teeth ribs.



How to Cure Bacon - Advice Tips from a Master Chef

Manuals on Curing Bacon, Ham and Other Meats: USA   Canada   UK [Europe]



Boar Hunt Novel Wild Boar Humour
In the Shape of a Boar - In pre-Homeric times Greek heroes united to hunt down the ferocious Boar of Kalydon. Three and a half millennia later the hunt for the Boar of Kalydon is re-enacted - Greek partisans pursue their quarry - an SS officer - in the same mountains the ancient Boar of Kalydon roamed.
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*Handling Procedures & Transport Vehicle Design Effects on Pigmeat Quality: download .PDF
All About Pigs!

All about Swine - intelligence, bomb-sniffing, organ transplantation, from laboratory to pig sty, donating eyes to pancreas the roles pigs play in our society. Bacon, ham, ribs and sausage production, pork specialties: prosciutto and acorn-fed pigmeat
Pork, Bacon, Sausages, Pies.
Truffle-Hunting & Organ Transplantation
Explore the Cute Ways & Tasty Uses of Pigs!

Pig-keeping - Butchering - Cooking

Pig-keeping, Butchering, Processing, Cooking - the delights of small scale pig management, nose to tail complete guide, instructions for making your own hams bacon sausages pork cuts, processing offal, equipment, recipes, cookery guide, Prosciutto
Guide to Home Pork Production plus instructions for Jointing Pork Cuts, Making your own Hams & Sausages, Curing Bacon & Recipes including Prosciutto Ham


*MRSA contamination of Pork & Live Pigs, Pigmeat Products, Beef & Chicken: 2010
The Butcher's Shop - Classic Monty Python Sketch
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Porcine Meat Inspection: Anatomy, Physiology and Disease Conditions
Illustrated Paperback by Andy Grist ISBN: 1904761461 (1-904761-46-1)

Porcine Meat Inspection: Anatomy, Physiology and Disease Conditions Illustrated in photographs and diagrams

4th in the highly acclaimed series of Meat Inspection Handbooks (U.K.  Canada  USA).
Lavishly illustrated, condensed guide to inspection of pork and manufacturing pig carcasses for disease conditions that require partial or total condemnation of the meat. The full colour photographs make this Meat Inspector's manual into a "recognize disease conditions" atlas that is easy to use for untrained people e.g. hunters and home-butchery enthusiasts, as well as official veterinary surgeons (OVS in the EU) and meat inspectors in public abattoir hygiene service. Basic instructions in porcine anatomy, disease and food-safety-related matters is included. The book is useful for wild or home-killed meat consumers. This pocket textbook is also useful for hog-breeders and rearers who want to interpret abbatoir condemnation data or simply get an idea what a sow, boar or grower may have died of.
Dr. A. Grist is a lecturer at the University of West of England, Bristol. He is the author of Bovine Meat Inspection (UK  Canada  USA), Ovine Meat Inspection (UK  Canada  USA) and Poultry Meat Inspection (UK  Canada  USA).

* Anatomy & physiology of pigs * Diseases of swine * Parasites of pigs & pigmeat * Neoplasia * Affections of specific carcase parts * Disease and cause * Conditions encountered at post mortem inspection * Anatomy – aide memoires * Index of autopsy Disease Conditions and causes listed by Organ Affected (trachea, uterus, lymph nodes, mammary glands, muscles, skin, lungs, feet, fetus, head, heart, pluck, joint lesions, intestinal pathology).

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*Used Book OffersMeat Inspection, Pork Quality, Food Safety

Pork, Bacon, Ham: Meat Quality in Relation to Welfare:
Welfare of Pigs from Birth to Slaughter

Welfare of Pigs from Birth to Slaughter - hogs and swine production issues

Includes reviews by international scientific and practical industry experts renowned for their knowledge and work in the area of meat science and pig welfare.

Topics: Welfare of growing & finishing pigs; Housing & environmental effects on welfare & Meat quality of the Grower-Finisher pig; Opportunities to improve Grow-Finish pig welfare; Welfare of pigs during transport; Loading density; Transport distance & duration; Vehicle design; Non-ambulatory animals & unfit for movement; Effects of preslaughter handling on stress response & meat quality in pigs; Critical points in pre-slaughter period; Welfare of pigs during stunning & slaughter; Handling during abattoir processing; Stun methods; Leg weakness and longevity; Stockmanship skills: Human-pig relationships; Human-animal relationships in pig production; Fear, productivity & welfare; Stockperson characteristics regulating the pig’s fear of humans; Important job-related characteristics of farm staff personnel; Opportunities to improve human-animal interactions in the pig industry; Training; Selection of stockpeople; Animal welfare science; Pigmeat Quality Assurance PQA programs.

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52nd International Congress
Meat Science and Technology

Harnessing and Exploiting Global Opportunities
52nd International Congress of Meat Science and Technology Harnessing and Exploiting Global Opportunities Contains over 300 articles plus invited 4 reviews from International Conference held in Dublin, Ireland in 2006. Theme was: harnessing and exploiting global opportunities including red meat & white meat quality, genomics and biotechnology, animal production, livestock farming systems, muscle biology, biochemistry; redmeat safety, meat processing and packaging technology, consumer topics and meat and health. Hot topics important to the industry and meat scientists are electrical stimulation and new instrumental methods for evaluation of meat quality characteristics. Reflects the global nature of meat research and gives insight into current issues.

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Aztec Barbecue Pork Ribs Recipe - Cookery Video Demonstration Download
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*Good Meat Trade Practice - Training books & video films: UK & Europe   Canada   USA

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*HACCP procedures - Summary Reviews - Lecture materials: UK & Europe   Canada   USA


Meat Processing: Improving Quality
Edited by by S. J. James & C. James
Hardcover 350 pages Approx price: US$199   UK£135
Distinguished editors and an international team of expert authors ensure that "Meat Processing" reviews the latest research on what defines and determines meat quality, and how it can be maintained or improved during processing. Meat processing is destined to be a standard reference textbook for all involved in the meat industry and meat research
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Meat Science & Technology Meat Science: an Introductory Text
by P.D. Warriss, School of Veterinary Science, University of Bristol
Paperback 312 pages Approx price: US$45   UK£25 other currencies - calculator
An introductory textbook on meat science that is designed for students of animal, veterinary & food science. It is also a primer for those taking postgraduate courses in meat science and provides useful background for professionals on good hygiene & meats inspection practices.
    • Producing & eating meat
    • Growth & Body Composition of Animals
    • Chemical composition & structure of meat
    • Slaughter of animals
    • Post-mortem changes in muscle and conversion into meat
    • Meat quality
    • Effects of animal handling on carcass & meat quality
    • Postmortem handling of carcasses & meat quality
    • Meat Hygiene - spoilage - preservation
    • Animal welfare
    • Measurement of composition & physical characteristics of meat
    • Measuring eating quality
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Meat Processing Guide


Basic Butchering of Livestock & Game
by John J., Jr. Mettler, Elayne Sears (Illustrator)
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Robert Rose's favorite beef, pork & lamb Beef
Beef, Pork & Lamb cookery guide
by Robert Rose
Very useful book on livestock products, especially for students of Veterinary Medicine or Meat Science
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Animal Welfare & Meat Science



Animal Welfare & Meat Science

by Neville G. Gregory & Temple Grandin
Hardcover 304 pages Approx price: US$80   UK£50
Contents & Review




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