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Pig Anatomy in 3D - Scale Model [16cm]

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Bottle-Feeding a Piglet"
Keeping A Baby Pig in the House

*The True Story of 2 Heroic Pigs

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Successful Smallholding: Planning, Starting and Managing Your Enterprise
"The Pig of Happiness"
by Edward Monkton

"I know", thought the pig. "I shall become an EXTRAORDINARY pig. I shall see the BEST in EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. I shall become THE PIG of HAPPINESS!" A charmingly illustrated allegory about a pig who got extremely happy and decided to spread joy after years of wallowing! The philosophy of this little book is to heal, unite, amuse and delight in equal measures. 'May his JOYFUL SMILE remind us how much there is to be happy about.'

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VIDEO: Keeping Micro-Pigs & Mini-pigs as Pets
Cute Images of Baby Pet Pigs - Lovable Piglets, Breeding Micropigs

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Beautiful Pigs: Portraits of Fine Breeds
by Andy Case
Beautiful Pigs: Portraits of Fine Breeds - Large Black, aristocratic Tamworth, Kune-Kune and many other standard and miniature swine, pets and farm livestock pictures

This little piggy went to market, and this little piggy went to the catwalk ... And what wonderful models our porcine friends turned out to be! The result is this stunning collection of picture portraits of pigs strutting their stuff. Featuring commissioned studio photographs of championship breeds groomed to perfection prior to competition, the animals here just love to hog the limelight!
The top breeds from around the world are represented - from the graceful Large Black to the aristocratic Tamworth and the much-travelled Kune-Kune - with graphic charts containing all the essential breed information.
There's also a potted history of pigs, plus reportage photography oif the behind-the-scenes primping and preening at the agricultural shows, to capture the care that is lavished on the prizewinning pigs and the nail-biting judging process.
This is a book to gladden the hearts of pig-lovers, be they city dwellers with a trotter in the country or country dwellers with a dozen trotters in the farm yard. Packed with visual and textual breed information, it is a unique gift book to make every reader feel, well, happy as a pig in muck...

"The rehabilitation of the pig after Swine Flu starts here. Guaranteed to bring a fond smile to pig-lovers everywhere!" [Saga].
"Stubborn and traditionally unkemp, the pig is an unlikely candidate for a photoshoot. But they can scrub up rather nicely!" [Daily Telegraph]

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Cost and Benefits of Keeping a Piggy Pet
Pictures of Pet Pigs and Litters in England, UK

pet pot belly pig management and trainingPot Bellies & Other Miniature Pigs:
Everything About Purchase, Care, Nutrition, Breeding, Behavior & Training
by Pat Storer, illustrated by Kristen Storer
Animal fanciers' rapidly growing interest in breeding and raising these interesting little animals has created the need for this all-new manual. The book retains the traditional format for Barron's pet manuals, and is filled with colour photographs and drawings
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Pet Pigs on Video - Cute Film of Baby Pet Miniature Pot-Belly Pigs


Potbellied Pig Behavior and Training - Pet managment of Micropig & House Minipigs
Potbellied Pig Behavior and Training
A Complete Guide for Solving Behavioral Problems in Vietnamese Potbellied Pigs
by Priscilla Valentine
Contents, Review & Ordering

Pot-Bellied Pet Pigs: Mini-Pig Care & Training
by Kayla Mull, Lorrie Blackburn
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Guidelines for the Care & Management of Miniature Pet Pigs
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In the Shape of a Boar - In pre-Homeric times Greek heroes united to hunt down the ferocious Boar of Kalydon. Three and a half millennia later the hunt for the Boar of Kalydon is re-enacted - Greek partisans pursue their quarry - an SS officer - in the same mountains the ancient Boar of Kalydon roamed.


The Clicker Humane Training System to Teach a Pet Pig to do Tricks
Principles of Positive Reinforcement Conditioning for Dogs, Hogs & Birds



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