Practical guidance on biology of pigs and modern farming management of swine
from experienced pig industry experts


Pig Production and swine farming Biological Principles and Applications

Pig Production
Biological Principles & Applications

Dr. John McGlone & Dr. Wilson G. Pond

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This book covers the basics of pig biology and modern production management of pigs. It covers the topics of genetics, reproduction, nutrition and growth, together with current discussion on human resource management, stockperson training and social farming issues. Information, practical experience, knowledge and wisdom are combined with biological research studies of the pork production business.

Unlike other books on managing hogs, this textbook is designed to help both students and experienced farmers and farm managers to understand the techniques involved in producing pigmeat as a commercial enterprise.

This manual is suitable for both introductory and advanced level curriculum, training programs, or as a helpful reference book.

  • Section I: Origins of the modern pig and evolution of modern production systems
  • Section II: Pig Biology
  • Section III: Nutrition and feeding
  • Section IV: Housing, environment and nutrient management
  • Section V: Pig production applications that make business sense
  • Section VI: Techniques for management of Indoor and Outdoor pigs
  • Section VII: Glossary of terms for pig, hog and swine production
  • One of the Authors (Dr. McGlone) has written about the background for us:
    "The book is designed to appeal to a wide range of readers, from those with no experience of pig production to those with some experience. The information is appropriate to animal science, veterinary and livestock production students as well as to farm workers.
    This is a tall order, of course!
    What I asked myself when writing it was:
    'What would the stockperson on the farm want to have on his or her shelf?'
    (S)He might like to know some anatomy and physiology plus of course some basis for WHY things are done the way they are, not just HOW things are done. I also thought it did not need to be massive in size, so long as it gets right down to the main points."
    John J. McGlone, Ph.D. is Professor and Director of the Pork Industry Institute, Department of Animal Science and Food Technology, Texas Tech University.

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