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Agroterrorism - Anthrax - Bioterrorism - News & Resources

Emerging Infectious Diseases Trends and Issues - Bioterrorism Emerging Infectious Diseases - Trends and Issues

"Emerging Infectious Diseases" provides readers with core information about the epidemiology, clinical manifestations, prevention, and treatment of specific EIDs. The study of these emerging infectious diseases includes not only new diseases themselves, but their spread to new geographic areas, microbial resistance, the impact of EID's on global health, issues of surveillance, and how societal and demographic changes contribute to the appearance of EIDs. The book emphasizes issues of most relevance to our world today - including the most important and newest EIDs like avian influenza and SARS, special issues like bioterrorism, related behavioral and cultural factors, and infectious etiologies of chronic diseases - and includes appendices with charts of many "new" infectious diseases, a glossary, and index. Details



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*21st Century Key Security Challenges: Agroterrorism Bioterrorism Threats
  Biodefense Strategy, Biosecurity Practice: Report

*Anthrax & Bioterrorism: Online Lecture & Photos




Bioterrorism - Germs: Biological Weapons and America's Secret War"Germs: Biological Weapons and America's Secret War"

Three reporters from The New York Times survey the recent history of biological weapons and sound an alarm about the coming threat of the "poor man's hydrogen bomb". Germs begins ominously enough, recounting the chilling attack by the followers of the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh in 1984 on the Dalles, Oregon - no one died, but nearly 1,000 were infected with a strain of salmonella that the cult had legally obtained, then cultured and distributed.
While the U.S. maintained an active "bugs and gas" program in the '50s and early '60s, bio-weapons were effectively pulled off this country's agenda in 1972 when countries around the world, led by the United States, forswore development of such weapons at the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention.

The bioterrorism issue re-emerged in the early '90s thanks to Saddam Hussein and revelations of the clandestine and massive buildup of bio-weapons in remote corners of the Soviet Union. The book's description of the Soviet program is horrific. At its peak the program employed thousands of scientists, developing bioengineered pathogens as well as producing hundreds of tons of plague, anthrax, and smallpox annually. The authors conclude that while a biological attack against the United States is not necessarily inevitable, the danger of bio-weapons is too real to be ignored. Well-researched and documented, this book will not disappoint readers looking for a reliable and sober resource on the topic.

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Bacillus anthracis bacteria - diagram of structure


Bacillus anthracis: molecular structure: details

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*Human cutaneous anthrax case in United Kingdom: BBC
*Anxiety disorders, Obsessions and Bioterrorism: Stress Management
How Bacillus anthracis bacterial spores invade body: new research
*Bubonic Plague bacteria found in USA: 2004

photograph of cutaneous human Anthrax bacteria infection disease lesions of skin - picture is copyright image



Cutaneous Human Anthrax Bacteria Infection: details

Bioterrorism and Germ Weapons - USA Army Field Manual Treatment of Biological Warfare Agent Casualties Anthrax Smallpox Plague Viral Fevers Toxins Delivery Methods Detection Symptoms Treatment Equipment Treatment of Biological Warfare Agent Casualties
* Emergency Guidelines - U.S. Department of Defense *
21st Century Bioterrorism and Germ Weapons
Armed forces Field Manual for Treating biological warfare agent casualties.
Anthrax - Smallpox - Plague - Viral Fevers - Toxins
Delivery Methods - Detection - Symptoms - Treatment - Equipment


hatred - the root of bioterrorism hatred - the root of bioterrorism


Hatred! - the Root of Bioterrorism:

Hate Insight Poem


*Details of Anthrax bacterium structure: Russell Kightley Media

photo of biological terrorist and warfare weapons book cover  
The worst bioterrorist attack in history...

...occurred in 1346 during the seige of Caffa. The besieging Tartars suffered an epidemic of plague and in a bid to solve two problems at once, they catapulted the plague-ravaged bodies of their comrades over the battlements of the city... read more


*Anthrax infection: prevention & treatment
Anthrax: *Reading list   *Occurrence world-wide

photo of Beyond Fear - classic paperback textbook on controlling anxiety photo of Friends and Enemies book  
anxiety - fear - hatred - panic

Classic textbooks on the sources and management of these emotions
read more





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