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Feeding Systems
Feed Evaluation Models

edited by
M K Theodorou & J. France
Institute of Grassland & Environmental Research, Aberystwyth U.K.
Department of Agriculture, University of Reading U.K.

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  • Feed Evaluation for Animal Production
    J France, MK Theodorou, RS Lowman and DE Beever

  • Feed Characterisation
    A Chesson

  • Intake, Passage and Digestibility
    DP Poppi, J France and SR McLennan

  • In Vitro and In Situ Methods for Estimating Digestibility with Reference to Protein Degradability
    GA Broderick and RC Cochran

  • Measurement of Energy Metabolism
    C K Reynolds

  • Feeding Systems for Dairy Cows
    S Tamminga and G Hof

  • Feeding Systems for Beef Cattle
    JG Buchanan-Smith and DG Fox

  • Feeding Systems for Sheep
    LA Sinclair and RG Wilkinson

  • Feeding Systems for Pigs by LI Chiba (USA University)

  • Feeding Systems for Poultry
    S Leeson and JD Summers

  • Feeding Systems for Horses
    D Cuddeford

  • Prediction of Response to Nutrients by Ruminants Through Mathematical Modelling and Improved Feed Characterization
    DE Beever, J France and G Alderman

  • Analyses of Modelling Whole Rumen Function
    J Dijkstra and A Bannink

  • Modelling the Lactating Dairy Cow
    RL Baldwin and KC Donovan

  • Modelling Growth and Wool Production in Ruminants
    WJ Gerrits and J Dijkstra

  • Modelling Growth and Lactation in Pigs by JL Black (Australian consultant)

        • principles of dynamic modelling for pig production
        • body composition at the start of simulation
        • prediction of feed & nutrient intake
        • potential energy demand
        • essential nutrient deficiencies
        • gut capacity
        • stocking density & group size
        • ambient temperature, cold & hot climatic conditions
        • diseases
        • availability of consumed nutrients
        • nutrients for maintenance
        • nutrients for growth & reproduction
        • protein deposition & energy intake
        • effect of social stress, disease
        • conceptus growth & milk production
        • amino acid deficiency
        • efficiency of nutrient use

  • Modelling the Utilization of Dietary Energy and Amino Acids by Poultry
    MG MacLeod

  • Modelling Growth in Fish
    Y Cui and S Xie

  • The Nutrition of Companion Animals
    AC Longland, MK Theodorou and IH Burger

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    Farm livestock nutritionists, researchers & advanced students in animal nutrition, home mixers of animal feeds, feed compounders, veterinarians, veterinary students.


    Farm livestock have evolved digestive systems that are capable of digesting fibrous materials and by-products unsuited for man. Throughout the world, production from farm livestock is concerned with providing food and clothing of animal origin for man. Animal production science underpins this goal and provides the scientific basis for livestock management practices. Feed evaluation concerns the use of methods to describe animal feedstuffs with respect to their ability to sustain different types and levels of animal performance

    Written by leading researchers from the USA, Canada and Europe, this book was formulated to be an essential reference tool for all involved in the livestock compounding industry, diet formulation & feedstuffs evaluation.

    Providing a quantitative & modelling perspective on animal feeding systems and feed evaluation, this textbook is designed as a reference tool. It describes feed evaluation methods, modern feeding systems and mathematical modelling systems.

    Topics covered include: feed characterization, intake, passage and digestibility; "in situ" and "in vitro" digestion techniques; calorimetry and slaughter trials. Also covered: modern feeding systems for dairy cows, beef cattle, sheep and goats, pigs, poultry and horses.

    The use of mathematical modelling in feeding systems is covered in some depth, including prediction of response to nutrients by farm animals, whole rumen function; the lactating dairy cow; growth and wool production in ruminants; lactation in pigs; egg production and growth in poultry; and even growth in fish!

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