Review and Discussion of Agriculture GMOs - Genetically Modified Organisms
Controversy issues from the point of view of science, economics, politics and consumers.

Genetically modified crops have become a topic of great interest among scientists, regulators, consumers, farmers, and politicians. Despite their potential benefits, public hostility toward these crops is causing dramatic changes to import/export policies, food safety regulations, and agricultural practices around the world. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the subject and a balanced look at the costs and benefits of GM foods.


Genetically Modified Organisms GMOs in Agriculture - Economics and Politics

Genetically Modified Organisms in Agriculture: Economics and Politics
by Gerald C. Nelson (Editor)

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This book includes contributions from industry, university, and government, consumer groups, the American Corn Growers Association, Sainsbury's supermarket chain, Monsanto, the European Union Commission, and the U.S.A. Public Interest Research Group


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