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*Pet Pigs - Risk Management for E.coli O157:H7 infection: Zoos with pig petting   Zoonotic infections
*Veterinary Homeopathy - Homeopathic Treatment of Animal Diseases & Swine Stillbirths: CHEAL
*Organic Bacon Pork Sausages - Market Expansion in UK & EU: Organic Pigs

*Epidemic Swine Diseases - UK Preparedness - EU Criticisms: FMD Section
*Pig Welfare - Survey of Consumer Willingness to Pay for Improvements: Market Research
UK & Europe
Alibris, Inc.
*Stomach Ulcers in Finishers - Environmental Enrichment reduced esophagogastric lesions: Research
*Pig Welfare - Code of Practice for Housing and Management: UK Home Office


*Farm Animal Welfare - Pork eating is natural for hominids: American Assoc. Advancement of Science
*Medication Use & Antibiotic Resistance Issues in Pig Production: PNI Review (279Kb)
*On-line Slide Presentation - Heart Attack Symptoms & First Aid: Cambridge Healing
*OIE New Warning that Bird Flu Epidemic could worsen: Influenza News

*Antibiotic Resistance - Therapeutic Usage Risk Management in U.K. Pigs: .DOC (313kb)   .PDF (1.2Mb)

*Pig Welfare - New Zealand introduces new 2005 code of practice: News   Books
*Toxoplasma gondii - Pork from Welfare-friendly farming systems - Cook Well! Survey
*Salmonella Control in Pig Herds - Trends in Europe: Salmonella reviews
*Pig growth promoters in the European Union: December 2004
*Free-range Hog Production Rising as U.S. Pork Industry Bounces Back: Organic Pigs
*Influenza Virus Epidemic: Increased Virulence to Mammals - Healthy Ducks as Carriers: Bird Flu News

Understanding Pigs - Their Needs & Welfare

USA edition of The Whole Hog - natural history of domestic and wild swine United Kingdom and Canada edition of The Whole Hog - biology of domesticated and wild pigs

Author of "The Whole Hog - Exploring the Extraordinary Potential of Pigs" is biologist Lyall Watson who has tracked pigs in the wild, observed their resourceful and playful lives and deciphered their language of vocal sounds. During forty million years of evolution, pigs have become increasingly versatile, gregarious and more curious. Sixteen species of wild pigs are found over all continents except Australia (feral pigs only) and Antarctica.

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*Dioxin Scare - Cattle, Pig Sheep & Goat farms: Belgium Germany Netherlands
*Toxoplasma infection more common on Outdoor Pig Farms: Organic Pig Farming
*Influenza Infected 1,000 People as well as EU Poultry & Pigs last year: Influenza news
*Grilled Guinea-pig rivals Pork - How tasteful is that?: Cambridge Healers
*Farm Animal Welfare - Controversial New Video: Welfare section
*Epidemic livestock diseases in the European Union during 2004: Summary
*HPAI Influenza - Human to Human spread: Influenza section
*FMD Carcase Disposal Site now a Nature Reserve: Foot and Mouth Disease
*Boiling to Sterilise - How long is needed?: Cambridge Healing & Health
*Salmonella in Pig Herds - Feed & Water Acidification Questioned: Salmonella reviews
*Emerging Virus Epidemics - EU Call for Veterinary / Medical Co-operation: Influenza section
*Farming Bioterrorism Threat - Protective measures: Agroterrorism reviews
*Bird Flu Epidemic in Asia - Spread to Pigs in China: Update September 10

Making Every Decision - Your Best Decision

Personal career and farm business  decision making - good quality and timely decisions are at the heart of success in career, farming and in managing swine health and welfare

Decision-making ability as a key business and career management skill, but few people have the training they need to make good quality decisions consistently.
Becoming a good decision-maker is like training to be a top athlete - Just as the best coaches use training methods to help athletes develop proper techniques and avoid mistakes, Drs. Russo and Schoemaker have developed a programme that can help you avoid "decision traps" - the ten common decision-making errors that most people make over and over again.

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*Infertility - Endocrine Disruptors in the Environment: Cambridge Holistic Health
*Toxic Residues - Pork clean - Cadmium in Feedstuffs - Fish & Poultry problems: Cambridge Holistic Lifestyle
*Stress level - Personal & Employee Health Monitoring: Technology News
Pig Quiz!

Monk - Pigs - Ergotism - Swine erysipelas a) Who is this man?
b) What is his connection with pigs?
c) What is his connection with swine erysipelas?
d) What is his connection with the disease ergotism?

*Can Pigs Fly? - The story of the first Flying Pig: Porkopolis
*An Anthology of Pig Poetry: Porkopolis
*Pig Diseases forecast for July 2004 - United Kingdom: NADIS
*Pig Liver Faggot industry in Britain feels threatened by Ofcom ban
*Salmonella control - Improving Gut Health: Review
*U.S. Veterinarians criticized for support of Gestation Sow Stalls: Campaign1   Campaign2
*Pig farmers carry antibiotic-resistant bacteria: New French Research

Survival Lessons from Pigs - Swine Farming Humorous Guide Lessons from Pigs - what pig farming experience can teach us about survival skills and sustainable stress management in the business jungle
Workplace Lessons
We can learn from Pigs!

Contents & Review


*Agroterrorism - bioterrorism threats to agriculture: U.S. Report
*Enzootic pneumonia - Prevention & Treatment with Antibiotics: Review (114k PDF)
*Pig Herd Health Problems Warnings - UK & Europe: NADIS-May2004
*Bubonic Plague bacteria found in USA: May 5th 2004
*Livestock Farming - Pigmeat Safety - Animal Welfare: Special Offers
*Pig Breeding - Nutrition - Disease Control - Management: Special Offers
*Free-Access Scientific Literature - The big debate + Review Articles: The Journal Nature
*Farm Animal Disease & Welfare Inspections by The European Union: Ireland   Netherlands
*Animal Research & Animal Welfare - Trends in Britain: Nature   BBC
*PMWS epidemic grows worse in New Zealand: May 2004   Background
*Nipah Virus zoonotic outbreaks in Bangladesh - Human Deaths: April 2004
*Pork sales boosted by Atkins diet & Bird Flu: AnimalNet
*Foot-and-Mouth disease updates: March 31 2004
*Domestic Animal Breeds - Loss of genetic resources alarm: FAO
*Epidemics affecting people - New EU Centre for Disease Prevention and Control: ECDC
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*Free Production Calculators & Spreadsheets for breeding sows and finishing pigs: Iowa Pork
*Premix of feed antibiotic included resistance genes: Shock implications
*Antibiotic Use & Antimicrobial Resistance - What You Need to Know: UK National Library
*The Trend Towards On-farm Food Safety: Prof. Frans van Knapen
*UK Government Vet admits error leading to 2001 foot and mouth epidemic: FMD News
*Smithfield Foods threatens UK pig industry with E. Europe imports: Press release  Invest East of England
(Smithfield has pig production interests in Eastern European countries that will join the EU in May 2004)
*Open-access, On-line Publishing Revolution - U.K. Government Investigation: Inquiry
*Control of Enzootic Pneumonia due to Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae: Antibiotics - Vaccination
*New Emerging Disease - Porcine Myocarditis - NSW Australia:
OIE February 27   Factsheet   Virus particles   News reports: A   B   Ecology
*Medical advice for people in contact with Bird 'Flu: February 20th
*Survey of Salmonella in pork & pig abattoirs in Europe: new research
*Food Safety & Farming in Perspective - Public Lecture: Sir John Krebs
*Bird 'Flu epidemic may spread to Europe: February 20th

Storey's Guide to Raising Pigs by Kelly Klober
Storey's Guide to Raising Pigs



*UK Pig Disease Reports & Warnings for February 2004: NADIS

Applied Animal Behaviour of pig, cow, horse, ewe, goat, dog, cat, welfare, stress physiology
The Ethology of Domestic Animals
An Introductory Textbook
Practical Aspects of Behaviour, Stress & Welfare

Multi-author textbook Edited by Professor Per Jensen
Contents & Review


*Strategic Approach to Salmonella Control: Economic simulations
*Graph Theory Applied to Classical Swine Fever: Epidemic control tool
*Antibiotic Growth Promoters - Alternatives: Performance Enhancers(3.6Mb PDF)
*Avian Influenza Virus Infection - Latest Facts: February 2004


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