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*Vaccination strategies failed to control Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae infections in Pig Finishing Herd : News
*Respiratory Infections - A. pleuropneumoniae - Genetic Resistance in Pigs: Research
*Herbs show promise for control of Ascaris Suum roundworms in organic growing & finishing pigs: News
*EU Pig Farmers & Pork Quality Assurance Schemes - Animal Welfare Attitudes & Behaviour: Research


*UK Pig Farming Pigmeat Quality Assurance Schemes - approaches to Pig Welfare: Survey
*New European Union Animal Health Strategy 2007-2013 " Prevention is better than Cure": EU
*Epidemiology & Control of PMWS & Porcine Circovirus Diseases PCVD: PMWS PCVAD PCV2 Update
*PRRS Vaccines in Pneumonia Control for Cost-Efficient Pig Production: PRRS News
*New antibiotic-resistant E. coli superbug - 30,000 people/year may be infected in Britain: ESBL E.coli news
Handbook of Pig Medicine - Diagnosis, control and treatment of diseases of pigs swine hogs sows boars weaner finishers

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*New data on human-to-human spread of Bird Flu: HPAI H5N1 Influenza Pandemic News
*Wild Boar - Feral hogs - Aujeszky's Disease Data & Epidemic Spread Risk: USA   UK   CSF risk: Europe
UK & Europe
Alibris, Inc.
*26 Streptococcus suis Human Cases of Strep.suis meningitis infection Vietnam: fever headache vomiting: News
*Identification of Pigs & Recording Pig Holdings - European Union Regulations: EU
*New Vaccine for PRRS - Successful Results Reported in World's largest Pork Market: PRRS Review
*Salmonella on Pig Farms & Pork - Herd Infection Factors, UK Control: EU Salmonella Reports
*Swine respiratory disease treatment - Pfizer data on new injection antibiotic tulathromycin (DRAXXIN): News
*Transboundary Diseases - Epidemiology & New Control Technologies: FAO
*Laboratory-grown, Environmentally friendly, Totally Humane Pork is on the Way! : June 2007
*Farm Visitors & Children - Infection incidents & Disease Risk Assessment: Zoonoses
*PRRS virus in Disease Epidemic Spread in China's Pork Industry: Promed
*Sunburn & Heatstroke in Pigs - Advice Leaflet & Quize: June 2007
*UK Farm Visitors infected with Cryptosporidium: News   Cryptosporidium in: Pigs   Water
*EU & UK Pig Numbers, Prices & Pigmeat Production Review 2007: BPEX


New EU Livestock Farming Books 2007
Gaining the Edge in Pork & Poultry Production - Efficiency, Quality and Safety

Gaining the Edge in Pork & Poultry Production

Breeding, Production Recording, Health Evaluation of Farm Animals

Breeding, Production Recording, Health & Evaluation of Farm Animals

52nd International Congress of Meat Science and Technology Harnessing and Exploiting Global Opportunities

Meat Science and Technology


*Pork safety: Pet Food Chemical Contaminants found in Hog Feed: FDA
*PORK: Health benefits & Nutritional Value: Overview      Buying & Cooking Pork: Tips
*UK State Veterinary Service (SVS) agency of Defra becomes "Animal Health": April 2007


Applied Nutrition for Young Pigs book

Applied Nutrition for Young Pigs

 * Growth and development  * Digestive physiology  * Sow's milk

* Feed intake & management  * Diet specification  * Feedstuffs

Feed additives, Feed manufacturing  * Feeding programmes

*Creep feeding  * Liquid feeding  * Water requirements


*UK & EU Pork Production & Pig Population Statistics Data April 2007: Defra
*"Burger King" fast-food chain buys 10% of pork from producers who don't use stalls - 20% by 2008: BBC
*Gestation Sow Stalls - practical review of on-farm alternatives: Break Out Sessions
*Farm Animal Welfare - EU countries - Consumer Concerns Survey: EU project results
On-Farm Monitoring of Pig Welfare 2007 - farm animal livestock production issues

Farm Monitoring of Pig Welfare 2007

Fighting, Fear, Depression, Tail-biting, Vulva biting, Mortality

Lameness, Mixing, Skin problems, Stereotypic behaviour


*Low Birth-Weights Do Not Affect Growth Rate or Pork Quality: Farmscape
*New Piglet vaccine: PMWS PCVAD PCV2 Post-Weaning Multisystemic Wasting Syndrome: March 2007
*Cost of Pig Herd Disease - Enzootic Pneumonia of Swine: 2007 Review
*New Farm Animal Welfare Delivery Strategy Publications for UK (Defra) & EU Europa
*November 2006 : Emerging New Strain of Avian Influenza "Bird Flu" virus: Report
*New UK Animal Welfare Bill 2006 updates U.K. Animal Welfare Legislation: Defra
*The Role of Wild Birds in Speading the Avian Influenza Virus Epidemic: Bird Flu Epidemic News
*Housing, Nutrition, Breeding, PRRS - Review of The London Swine Conference: 2006
*Pig Producers Seize Emerging Opportunities for Functional Foods: Farmscape
*New PMWS Vaccines Prevent Mortality: Porcine Circovirus PCV2
*Piglet Weaning Age & Improved Lifetime Productivity of the Sow Herd: NCSU
*Therapeutic Medication to Control Enteric & Respiratory Infection in Finishing Pigs: Octagon
*PRRS & TGE pig virus diseases drive biosecurity protocols for swine: Farmscape
*UK Meat and Livestock Commission to go in Restructuring of U.K. Farming Levy Boards: News

A Beer for Me  and  "The Same Again" for the Pig!

Customers of "The Pub in the Paddock" on the island of Tasmania are encouraged to buy beers for two resident pigs, Priscilla and P.B. The owner of the bar, Anne Free, rejects allegations of cruelty published in a magazine published by animal welfare group "Choose Cruelty Free". Anne says that the pigs love beer and also that she waters the beer down (that must cause some concern to patrons of the pub!) to ensure that the two hogs never become drunk.

Swine certainly do love beer. Traditionally farrowing sows in Britain were given a gallon of "beer slops" from the local public house to "relax them". Often the beer was shared by the sow and by the stockperson who, in pre-prostaglandin-injection days, would stay up all night with a sow due to farrow. The beer would not only relax the sow for birth and suckling purposes, but also ensure good hydration of the sow. Traditionally brewed beers are also a good source of B vitamins.

*Pig Medication - UK Licensed Treatment Products for Swine: Details
*Veterinary Products - UK Database of Licensed Animal Medicines: Free Search
*Toxoplasmosis risk from Pork - Increased Risk in Outdoor Herds? : Food Hygiene Specialist
Toxoplasma & - Life Cycle - Human Disease - Risk Management: Toxoplasmosis Facts
*UK Pig Diseases Surveillance - Disease Incidence & Grower / Finishers Case Report: NADIS
*The Farm Animal Welfare Council calls for clear Welfare labelling of Pigmeat: New Report
Farm Assurance Schemes - Can Welfare Audits be Trusted? : CIWF
*PMWS Control - June 2006 News - Management & New Vaccines: PMWS Research
*British Pig Health Scheme - BPEX UK Plan based on Scotland Wholesome Pigs: BPEX
*Pig Breeding - Economics & Genetics of Welfare, Health, Sustainability, Pork Quality: Research
*Sustainability Issues in the Food Industry: Verner Wheelock Associates


New Farm Livestock Welfare Textbook

Animal Bioethics Principles and Teaching Methods - farm animals ethical principles related to human-animal relationships with pigs and other livestock
Animal Bioethics - Principles & Teaching Methods
19 chapters by 31 experienced authors from 11 countries

  • Analysis of historical, philosophical, religious & cultural perspectives & driving forces
  • Ethical principles related to human-animal relationships, and their dynamics
  • Teaching objectives, strategies & methods in farm animal ethics
  • Concepts & framework for education & practical understanding in ethical farming
  • Applied teaching, training and communication, curriculum development
  • principles, rationale, examples, detailed syllabus for animal welfare
  • Case studies, problem-based learning, good practice in livestock ethical treatment
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