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[A range of ways to reduce noise pollution on a pork production unit is demonstrated in this series of measures]






*The Pigs Who Swam to a New Life! - The Legend of the Tamworth Two
*PRRS Virus Infected Farms - Eradication Programme: Comparisons
*The Role of Wild Birds in Speading the Avian Influenza Virus Epidemic: Bird Flu HPAI H5N1
*Organic Meat Products - New EU Commission approved additives list: EU Organic Pork Regulations
Production Diseases in Farm Animals
This Book includes a CD of Proceedings of International Conference on
"Production Diseases in Farm Animals"

Production Diseases in Farm Animals 2006 Edition plus CD of Proceedings of 12th International Conference on Production Diseases in Farm Animals Michigan USA 2004 High producing farm animals are permanently challenged by a variety of factors: lack of proper nutrition (deficit/surplus), housing systems, infections and stress. The incidence, course and outcome of production diseases are changing continuously. Therefore, new information on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of production diseases is needed.

These problems are complicated by the discussion of animal welfare, the rapid changes in agricultural production and the economics of production. The following key topics are handled: alternatives to growth-promoting antibiotics; chronic inflammation and animal production; animal behaviour and welfare in intensive production systems; epidemiology of production diseases; new techniques in immunoprophylaxis; nutrition-immunology and production-immunology relationships; phosphorus nutrition - animal health and environmental concerns; application of genomics to production disease; role of specific fatty acids in animal health, reproduction, and performance; trace mineral nutrition and metabolism

*Survival of Pig Pathogens - Viruses, Transboundary Bacteria - in Pork & Pigmeat Products: Review
*Treatment of Aural Haematoma (Ear Hematomoma) in Pigs: NCSU 2006
*Organic Pork Market Expansion 2006: EU & U.S. : EU Organic Pigmeat   U.S. Organic Pork
*Holistic Approach to Farm Animal Epidemics: Use of the Internet (Powerpoint slides)
*Pig Farmers - Human Risk of Swine Influenza Virus Infection: Swine Influenza News
*Stress Management & Stockperson Training: Holistic Health Teaching Materials
UK & Europe
Alibris, Inc.
*Global eradication of Livestock Epidemic Diseases: Lessons from EU FMD 2001
*75% of Emerging Human Diseases are of Animal Origin - New Approaches Needed: OIE
*Antibiotic Growth Promoters - Effects of European Union Ban from January 2006: OSL
*UK Pig Industry Development Strategic Plan 2006-9 "The Road to Recovery": BPEX   Finance
*Avian Influenza - Policy & Risk assessment Update 2006: UK & EU Official Bird flu Policy
*Incidence of Foodborne Zoonoses Infections in EU - Update: Salmonella Section
*European Pig Breeders work with OIE & EU - Control of Acute Animal Infectious Diseases: News   Zoonoses
*4 Years after United Kingdom Foot-and-Mouth Disease Epidemic 2001: FMD Section
*Pig Industry Workers - Risk of Infection with Animal Influenza Viruses: Swine Influenza News
Starting with Pigs - A Beginners Guide for pig-keepers by Andy Case



A Guide to Traditional Pig Keeping

Review + Ordering details

*First parity sows - Susceptibility to Stress - Related productivity loss: Farmscape
*Ileitis, Colitis, Swine dysentery - Treating Scouring in Finishers: Octagon
The Pig That Wants to Be Eaten + 99 Other Thought Experiments
The Pig That Wants to Be Eaten and Ninety Nine Other Thought Experiments - Farm livestock management skills trainingThe Pig That Wants to Be Eaten and Ninety Nine Other Thought Experiments - Farm livestock management skills training
A guide to finding clarity and creative solutions, without dogma, in an ethical or moral problem. Many of these fascinating stories concern eating, work, money and lifestyle issues and habits. Vegetarian issues surface in a number of stories - the "Eating Tiddles" story logically concludes that NOT eating our deceased pets is morally indefensible!
For people who value honest, intelligent discussion that does not shy away from difficulties!
"This book is like the Sudoku of moral philosophy!"
(New Statesman)

Used & New Copies - Order Pages: USA   Canada   UK & Europe
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*Pork Production Costs in UK compared with France - BPEX Report: News

Enteric Infections in Pigs - Selecting an Antimicrobial Treatment
Antibiotic Resistance & Dose-Rate Considerations

Determining an Effective Treatment & Dose Rate for a Bacterial Gut Infection

The resistance or sensitivity of bacteria to an antibiotic is usually determined in the laboratory by growing the bacteria and exposing them to a range of concentrations of the antimicrobial drug. However, the concentration at which a pathogen becomes deemed susceptible or resistant to the antibiotic under laboratory conditions is termed the "microbiological breakpoint". Knowing the microbiological breakpoint allows us to detect resistance factors in bacterial cultures, but this concentration of the drug cannot be used on its own to predict the concentration of drug needed to eliminate the bacteria from an infected animal.

Predicting clinical response to treatment requires a knowledge of the "clinical breakpoint", which takes into account the pharmacokinetic (see below) profile of the antimicrobial compound i.e. the concentration of the antimicrobial compound in infected tissues as well as the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of the antimicrobial drug.

The clinical breakpoint is the highest MIC where the antimicrobial will have an inhibitory effect on the organism at a specified inclusion level in feed and prevent clinical disease occurring. If an animal is infected with bacteria that have a higher MIC, the bacteria are unlikely to be inhibited and the antimicrobial is unlikely to be effective in preventing or curing disease.

  Pharmacokinetics (PK): study of the absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of drugs.
Pharmacodynamics (PD): study of the action and effects of drugs on living organisms.
*Colitis in Pigs - Antimicrobial Therapy - Medication Treatment Options: Free e-Book
*Ileitis due to Lawsonia Intracellularis - Comparison of Antibiotic Treatments: Free e-Book
*Standardization of anti-infective drug PK/PD terminology: 2005 update


New Farm Livestock Welfare Textbook

Animal Bioethics Principles and Teaching Methods - farm animals ethical principles related to human-animal relationships with pigs and other livestock
Animal Bioethics - Principles & Teaching Methods
19 chapters by 31 experienced authors from 11 countries

  • Analysis of historical, philosophical, religious & cultural perspectives & driving forces
  • Ethical principles related to human-animal relationships, and their dynamics
  • Teaching objectives, strategies & methods in farm animal ethics
  • Concepts & framework for education & practical understanding in ethical farming
  • Applied teaching, training and communication, curriculum development
  • principles, rationale, examples, detailed syllabus for animal welfare
  • Case studies, problem-based learning, good practice in livestock ethical treatment
    *Farm Animal Welfare - Animal Needs v Animal Rights - Longevity Neonatal mortality Health: Farmscape
    *Avian Influenza Virus World Epidemic Spread - Update:  Bird Flu Outbreaks

    The Lactating Sow:  Behaviour - Physiology - Management - Nutrition

    The Lactating Sow - feeding sows and managing female pigs in lactation
    Edited by Verstegen, Moughan & Schrama
    Wageningen Agricultural University & Massey University New Zealand

    17 chapters - Expert Authors - 350 pages
  • Overview of biological and zootechnical aspects of lactation in sows
  • Colostrum and sow's milk composition
  • Immunological aspects and Piglet digestion of sow's milk
  • Major factors affecting lactation performance
  • Genetic heritability, diet nutrition, pregnancy feeding, age factors
  • Environmental requirements of lactating sows
  • Relationship between nutritional strategy and reproduction
    *Animal Health in the USA - U.S. Department of Agriculture Annual Report: Report
    *E. coli O157 in Pig Faeces - New Pig Farms Survey: E. coli O157 in Pigs
    *Veterinary Suicide Rate Up in UK: BBC News    Stress Resources Online
    *Pig Vet to Stress Management Trainer: Dr. Mike Meredith interview (click mp3 button)
    *EU Pigs, Pork, Livestock, Meat - USDA Analysis of the markets: 2005 - 2006
    *Genetic Selection - Effects on Management of Boar Replacements: Guelph Univ. E-book
    Pig Videos Books Equipment  -  Sale
    Pig Health & Diseases    Food Safety    Feeds & Nutrition    Behaviour & Welfare
    Pig Breeding and Reproduction Used Books - Swine embryology textbook
    Pig Management      Nutrition      Breeding Genetics Infertility      Cattle
    *Cooling Pigs Improves Feed Consumption & Growth Rate: Research   Pig Behaviour Housing Design

    3 New Farm Livestock Manuals

    Animal Emotions - Cruelty - Suffering - Mental illness - Healthy Well-being in animals
    Mental Health & Well-being in Animals
    Stress resistance - Disease susceptibility - Handling - Vices
    A truly astonishing manual! - The first to comprehensively describe, diagnose and prescribe treatments for mental and emotional health problems in animals.
    Mixing scientific research with practical commonsense information. Packed with new insights, clinical applications for animal health professionals and tips for enlightened animal keepers to use in practical situations.

    A landmark in the new science of psychoneurobiology

    Technology and techniques of fertility control - conrolled breeding - artificial insemination - embryo cloning - Farm animal livestock - Pig Ewe Goat Cow Horse Swine
    Reproductive Technologies in Farm Animals
    Cattle - Sheep - Pigs - Goats - Horses

    Quick-reference, practical guide to fertility control, controlled breeding, A.I., embryo cloning, transgenics and pregnancy diagnosis in farm animals.


    Farm Livestock Nutrition dictionary - how to feed animals - pigs swine cattle horses sheep
    The Encyclopedia of Farm Animal Nutrition

    Quick-reference practical guide to:
    farm animal feedingstuffs, diets, nutrition, nutrition problems


    *PMWS - United Kingdom Epidemic History & Spread 2005 Review: BPEX
    *EU Committee on the Food Chain, Animal Health, Farm Animal Welfare: Reports
    *Pig Industry Training - UK New CPD Programme "From Sustainability to Sustained Ability": NPA

    *Streptococcus suis Updates - Pigs & Humans affected in Hong Kong & China Epidemic...
    40 Now Dead - WHO say it is a new highly virulent strain: August 19 2005
    650 pigs died and eaten: August 15 2005   Pig-borne disease - Media ban: August 13 2005
    August 11 2005    News updates   China's offical epidemic report: OIE

    *Agroterrorism Preparedeness - Resources Available: Univ. of Kentucky Free CD   Bioterrorism pack

    *Animal Medication Usage & Research Trends:
    Animal Health Companies in the U.S. increased their research and development spending to $556 million in 2004 to investigate new products ($481 M)and ensure the safety and effectiveness of existing medicines ($75 M). U.S.A. veterinary medicine users spent almost $5 billion in 2004 to protect the health of pets and farm animals. Non-therapeutic (growth promoters) antibiotic sales were down to 5% Report

    *Streptococcus suis Pig & Human Zoonosis Epidemic in China - Hong Kong: August 2nd
    *Reduce Transport Mortality Losses in Pigs & Improving Welfare:
    Research     Transport Welfare Video
    *Streptococcus suis has been made a notifiable disease in humans in Hong Kong
    174 People Infected 34 Dead in Pig Disease Epidemic
    - Hong Kong & China:
    News    Streptococcus suis involved: Report    Pig Viruses that can Infect Humans
    *Airborne spead of UK FMD virus disputed by Video: Foot-and-Mouth Disease Report
    *Quiz on Time Management and Job Stress + Related Resources:  Cambridge Health News
    *Healthy & Unhealthy Aspects of Water Drinking at Work:  Health & Healing Group
    *Nipah Virus of Swine and Humans - Research Breakthrough: Nipah Virus in Pigs
    *Avian Influenza - New FAO control strategy: Bird 'Flu Epidemic Control
    *Swine 'Flu Spreads to Turkeys from Pigs: Swine Influenza News
    Fighting & Aggression
    Do Pigs need to fight? - Do people need to fight?

    Fighting and Aggression - pig aggressive behavior - Do Pigs need to fight? - Do pig unit staff need to fight? Fighting and Aggression - aggressive behaviour in swine - Do Pigs need to fight? - Do farm business personnel need to fight?


    Conflict Management Skills

    *The Art of Pig Psychology - Try the latest in Web Art Technology: Fun Personality Test
    *Veterinary Drug Residues in Honey - British Meat given Clean Bill of Health: UK Health News
    *Pigs free of porcine endogenous retrovirus - PERV virus - offer human medical cures: NZ
    *Bird 'Flu - Consultation on New European Union Measures: Avian Influenza Prevention in EU Pigs
    *Farm Animal Diseases Health Welfare - Annual Report of the U.K. Chief Veterinary Officer: DEFRA
    *Update - Children Ill E.coli O157 Outbreak on UK Farm: Cambridge UK E.coli 0157 Outbreak 2005
    *PMWS - New Report into UK Epidemic:  PMWS Circovirus PCV2 Research Reports
    *UK & EU Pigs & Pork & other Pigmeat Market Review: May 2005   2005 Overview
    *New Animal Health and Welfare Legislation for Scotland UK: Consultation
    *Prevention of Contact Zoonoses: Reducing disease spread from animals to humans
    *Hazardous antibiotic-resistant airborne bacteria inside & downwind of intensive pig farms: Research
    *Bird 'flu Influenza virus - Pandemic Risk Assessment & Outbreak News: Influenza Risk Management
    *Gastric 'Flu Viruses - Antibodies common in Pigs - Human infection risk unclear: Research
    *Swine Stress & Farm Animal Welfare Research - U.S.A. Farm Livestock Research: Report
    *What Disease & Health Problems Teach Us: Lessons we can Learn from Illness

    *Pig Health & Management: News Archive *

    Recent Pig Health News - Views - Research Developments - Epidemics

    2009 Pig Farm News & Views Archive


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