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Diet or Disease? Improve performance & health status in hogs pigs swine poultry

Good Nutrition or Unhealthy Disease?

Improve Performance & Health

Swine doseases - color photographs - pathological lesins & porcine anatomy images photos diagrams

Colour Atlas of Pig Diseases & Meat Inspection


*Managing Antibiotic Resistance Problems in Pig Farming - Reviewed: Octagon
*www.PIGHEALTH.COM delivers a record 133,975 webpages/month to 16,767 unique users: Analysis
*Pig Slurry Spread on Pasture did not harm Grazing Cattle: Salmonella & Yersinia Research
*Less Antibiotic Resistance Found in Organically Raised Livestock: Organic Farming
*PCV2 / PMWS / PCVAD Vaccination - Update for 2009: PCV2 PCVAD PMWS News
*Saliva Sampling - Effective Alternative to Blood Samples for Disease Surveillance: PCV2 / PMWSNews
*Swine Dysentery Research - East Anglia UK: BPEX  Brachyspira hyodysenteriae Control: Octagon
*Check & Maintain Condition in Lactating Sows - United Kingdom Advice: BPEX
*MRSA INFECTION IN PIGS: Update (2Mb .PDF file)   PDIC Reports   Human symptoms: Mayo
*Porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) in Mortality, Hospitalisation & Wasting Disease Problems in Growing Pigs: PMWS News
*New EU Animal Health Strategy Strategy "prevention is better than cure": 2008-2013
UK & Europe
Alibris, Inc.
*Probiotic Feed Additive for Weaners - Improvements not Sustainable: Research
*Abuse of Farmed Swine - Shocking New Video: Associated Press
Farm Animal Welfare - Why People Commit Cruelty & Neglect: The Drives towards Evil or Compassion
*Surviving the Credit Crunch: Tips - The Power of Positive Thinking!
*Keeping Turkeys : Pigs together - Campylobacter not a Problem: Research
*Porcine Circovirus Associated Disease PCVD Protection
      Cost / Benefit analysis for PCV2 piglet vaccines :  PMWS News
*Neonatal Survival Rates of Newborn Piglets improved by Selective Breeding
Reducing the need for confinement housing of sows & litters in Farrowing Crates: News
*Feral Pigs Disease Risk in U.S.A.:20 % of wild boar pseudorabies (Aujeszky's Disease) positive
10% brucellosis positive, Cattle infected with swine brucellosis: Sept 2008
*The Public Perception of U.K. Farmers - Consumer Survey: Aug 2008
Handbook of Pig Medicine - Diagnosis, control and treatment of diseases of pigs swine hogs sows boars weaner finishersHandbook of Pig Medicine

by Dr. Peter G.G. Jackson & Dr. Peter Cockcroft
Cambridge University Veterinary School


  • Clinical examination of the pig
  • Pig population medicine
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system
  • Diseases of the respiratory system
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal system
  • Diseases of the skin
  • Diseases of the central nervous system
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • Diseases of the urogenital system & udder
  • Reproduction & obstetrics in the pig
  • Polysystemic diseases
  • Outdoor & organic pigs
  • The pet pig
  • Antimicrobial therapeutics
  • Anaesthesia, analgesia & surgical procedures in the pig
  • Sampling, euthanasia & post mortem examination of the pig
  • Haematology & biochemistry of the pig
  • Differential diagnosis in the pig Appendices
  • Notifiable diseases in the pig
  • OIE group A & B international trade notifiable pig diseases
  • Bibliography & Index

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*Respiratory Infections in Pigs - Effective Treatment with Tiamulin: August 2008
*NEW*Guide To Antimicrobial Use In Farmed Livestock - Pigs Ruminants Horses Poultry Dogs Cats Fish Swine

Guide to Antimicrobial Use in Animals


*Porcine Proliferative Enteropathy 'Ileitis' - Valnemulin Treatment: August 2008
*Porcine Proliferative Enteropathy 'Ileitis' - Tiamulin Treatment: August 2008


*MRSA in Pets, Horses & Farm Animals - AVMA Review article : October 2008
*Rising Concern about MRSA infection in Pigs: UK  U.S.A.  Denmark  France  Central Europe  Netherlands
*UK Pig Disease Reports from Veterinary Practices: NADIS
*Decline in UK & EU pigmeat production - Role of PCV2 Infection: PMWS News
*Managing Weaner (Nursery) Pigs for Optimum Performance: KSU
*Influence of Weaning Age in Relationship to Pig Growth & Performance: KSU
*Economic Effects of Foot-and-Mouth Disease & other Transboundary Epidemic Diseases: FMD News
*Sow Feed Additives: Are they Worth it?: KSU   *Pig Feeding & Swine Nutrition Update: KSU
*Online Video of a Farm Visit: Outdoor Free-Range Pork Production
*Nipah Virus Infection of Farmworkers, Rats & People: Nipah Virus Epidemic
*Oxytocin use can increase number of pigs stillborn when used too early in birth process: KSU
*Advice Tips for Housing & Managing Dry Sows in Group Pens: AASV
*Practical Advice to Boost Profits under High Feed and Production Costs: Porkgateway
*New Treatment for Porcine Ileitis & Colitis : Octagon Services

Review of Dietary Fibre in Pregnant Swine Diets
Effect of Nutrition During Gilt Development on Lifetime Productivity of Sows:
Nebraska Report (.PDF)
* Video of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) epidemic in China
*Story & Pictures of an out-of-control epidemic: The 1918 Spanish 'Flu Influenza Pandemic
Welfare of Pigs from Birth to Slaughter 2008 - hogs and swine production issues

Welfare of Pigs from Birth to Slaughter

Welfare concepts; Definition; Welfare needs of swine; Pig Feelings?; Welfare & Stress in Pigs; Welfare affects health & disease; Welfare & pain; Welfare assessment; Welfare of pregnant & lactating sows; Hunger & thirst; Pain & Injury; Behavioural Needs; Fear, stress & suffering; Welfare of baby pigs; Housing requirements; Nutrition & Welfare; Vigour, Viability & Health; Welfare of growing & finishing pigs; Welfare of weaners & Nursery swine; The Grow-Finish period; Housing & environmental effects on welfare & meat quality; Grower-Finisher pig welfare; Transport; Handling on stress response & meat quality in pigs; Welfare of pigs during stunning & slaughter; Stunning methods; Euthanasia Killing of pigs in epidemics; Breeding pigs for improved welfare; Selection for increased litter size requires selection for piglet survival; Maternal behaviour & fear; Sow’s ability to produce milk; Relationship between growth, leanness, feed conversion & welfare; Leg weakness and longevity; Selection for improved resistance to disease agents; Castration?; Stockperson skills & training; Fear, productivity & welfare; Pork assurance programs.

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*Pig Spleens as Weather Forecasters? - Is this what folks mean by "Gut Feeling"? : News
*Notifiable Farm Animal Diseases in the United Kingdom & EU: General   Foot-and-Mouth Disease
*Growing Health Foods market produces rise in animal testing in United Kingdom: Times


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