2009 News & Research Archive: Pig Farming & Health - News & Reviews 

2009 News & Research Archive: Pig Farming & Health - News & Reviews


*Infection of Pigs & Turkeys with Swine Flu virus - Updates: Influenza News
*Irish Pork Recall - Legal case in Ireland against Suppliers of Pig Feed Contaminated with Fuel Oil: News


*Mystery Illness in 24 Slaughterhouse Workers caused by Autoimmune Reaction to Pig Brain Tissue: Lancet
*New Monoclonal Antibody treatment for Hendra & Nipah virus infections: Nipah Virus News

DVD: All About Pigs!

All about Swine - intelligence, bomb-sniffing, organ transplantation, from laboratory to pig sty, donating eyes to pancreas the roles pigs play in our society. Bacon, ham, ribs and sausage production, pork specialties: prosciutto and acorn-fed pigmeat

From Bomb-sniffing to Organ-transplantation to Dinner-plate. An exploration of those special Porcine Talents & The Roles Pigs play in Society

Book: "How to Raise Pigs"

Pig-keeping, Butchering, Processing, Cooking - the delights of small scale pig management, nose to tail complete guide, instructions for making your own hams bacon sausages pork cuts, processing offal, equipment, recipes, cookery guide, Prosciutto
How to Keep Pigs for Pleasure or Profit, small scale or large. From choosing a breed to putting bacon & sausages on the table. From feeding to Breeding + a chapter on fences

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*More Pig Herds infected with "Swine Flu" - Human-Pig Transmission: Swine Flu News
*Genetic Resistance to PRRS Virus Infection in Pig Breeds: PRRS Research Developments
UK & Europe
Alibris, Inc.
*Effectiveness of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae [enzootic pneumonia] vaccination reduced by worm infestation: Research
*Economics of Organic Pork Production


*How Stress Activates Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium colonization in Swine : Salmonella Research News
*New Guide to Preventing, Managing & Controlling Influenza Viruses on Pig Farms: H1N1 Influenza A News
*New EU PRRS strain could be Imported into UK Pig Industry: PRRS virus News
Boar Taint Problems in Pigmeat - Pig Welfare, Pork Chops & Joints New GnRH Vaccination
Control by Castration or Early Slaughter: Overview  New Vaccine: Expert Opinion  Trial Data
Practical Advice on Tasting & Improving Pork Quality: BPEX
Genetics Research Targets Genetic Markers to Breed Pigs Free of Boar Taint: Canada
*New Hygiene Advice Guide for Public Animal Contact: Diseases You Can Catch from Farm Animals
*The Role of Veterinarians & Veterinary Expertise in Farming & Food Production
*PMWS * Circovirus PCV2 * PDNS - Updated Facts Leaflet: PMWS/PCV2 Circovirus Information
*Tamiflu-resistant "Swine flu" H1N1 virus strains have emerged: H1N1 Swine Flu News
*"Pig Business" the controversial new TV film about intensive pig farming - Watch online now after confirming you are >16 years old: More 4
*FMD is enzootic in over 100 Developing Countries in 2009: Foot-and-Mouth Disease News
*Lameness in Sows - Incidence, Causes & Control: 2009 update
*PRRSV Infection - Control & Treatment Interventions - Productivity Effects & Performance Outcomes Compared: PRRS Control News
*PRRS: Prospects for Eradication + Epidemic in The Philippines: PRRSV & PRRS Disease Control
*Food Animal Veterinary Antimicrobial Medication Use Avoiding Antibiotic Resistance: English  Italian
*Organic & Intensive Livestock Farming Systems Compared - Intrinsic Ethics: Organic Pig Farming
*UK Farming - Defra Government Annual Report - Strategic Objectives Summary: 2008/09
*Climate Change link to Emerging Insect-born Livestock Diseases: OIE
*New "Swine flu" video clips - Risks of Human/Pig & Pig/Human spread: Swine Flu Video Films
*Zoonoses of Pigs - Potential Foodborne Pathogens of Pork - Significance to Food Safety: Proceedings (.PDF 2Mb)
HELP & ADVICE for DIY PROJECTS - Home, Farm or Garden
Self-build Projects for Farm Livestock, Smallholders & Gardens - polytunnel, beehives, poultry arks and runs, cloches, dog kennel, feed bins, feeder for lambs, incubators, nesting box for hens, renewable energy projects, solar heating panels
Build It! - DIY Projects
Farms - Smallholdings - Gardens
Build It! with Pallets - chairs, tables, fences, gates, chicken arks, planters, sheds, decking, cladding
Self-Build - With Pallets!
*Disease Control Education - Teaching a song about symptoms to watch out for!: CSF News
*Endemic pig diseases - PRRS, Swine Dysentery, PCV2, Sarcoptic Mange - Prospects for control or eradication: PVS
*Porcine Circovirus type 2 - Risk & Trigger factors for Porcine Circovirosis: PCV2 Research
*Choose an Effective Medication for Swine Dysentery Eradication Programmes: Octagon
Useful Books on Pig-Keeping as a Farm Business or Hobby
Choosing & Keeping Pigs: A Complete Practical Guide to Living with Swine
Choosing and Keeping Pigs:
A Complete Practical Guide
Teach Yourself Keeping Pigs - Swine farm management - pork production
Teach Yourself Keeping Pigs
*Recession-Proof Your Business via People Management: Agskills (2.5Mb .PDF file)
*Swine Dysentery Eradication - Medication Programmes : Gastrointestinal Disease Section
Home & Work Decision Traps - Ten Barriers to Brilliant Decision-Making & How to Overcome Them

Family, Home & Work Decision Traps

Overcome the 10 Blocks to Brilliant Decision-Making

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Confidence, Risk-taking, Vigilance & Reaction-times : CHEAL
Emotional Intelligence - Essential for Success! : CHEAL

Poorly Pigs: Diagnosis & Cure of illnesses in swine -  stomach, guts, lung, heart, legs, feet etc

"Pig Ailments: Diagnosis and Treatment"


*Control of PCV2 Mortality in Finishing Pigs: Vaccines & Vaccination Programmes: PCV2 News
*Pig Ebola Virus may have spread to a Pig Handler in Philippines : Jan 2009

Castration, Management, Joints, Labelling: summaries
Pork Recipes, Sausages: resources     Training & Skills



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