2009 News & Research Archive: Pig Farming & Health - News & Reviews 

2010 News Archive: Pig Farming & Swine Health - News & Reviews


*European Commission to complete 2012 Sow Stalls Ban - EU Directive 2008/120/EC: Eurogroup for Animals
*UK Pig Farming Practices Survey - Housing, Breeding Pyramids, Manure Handling, Environmental Impact etc: Defra
*Guidelines for Dry Sow & Breeding Gilt Management, Feed & Housing

Drawing upon 40 years’ experience as an ecological farmer and marketer, Joel Salatin, dubbed “The high priest of the pasture!” explains with humour and passion why we no longer have freedom to choose what food we buy and eat.

From employment legislation to meat inspection and health and safety regulations, governments and bureaucrats decide what food is available in our local marketplace. Their system favors industrial globalisation and corporate food supply chains while discouraging community-based food commerce. The result is homogenized food products, loss of diversity, mediocre taste and drug and pesticide-based farming practices.

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*Food Chain Safety, Pork Traceability & Public Health of Pigmeat
*FREE FACTSHEET: Financial Records Analysis - Costs versus Performance in Pig Herds
*Milk Production & Nutrition Requirements of Modern Sows
Practical Pig Keeping by Paul Smith
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Choosing & Keeping Pigs - A Complete Practical Guide to Living with Swine - Pig Management Guide
USA     Canada     UK
All about Pigs & Pig-Keeping Quiz - 800 Questions and Answers on management and feeding of swine
USA     Canada     UK
*Castration in the Pig Industry - Impact on Growth Performance - Surgical v. Vaccination Methods
*Colitis Diarrhea in Grower Pigs - Diagnosis & Treatment: Pig Diarrhoea Research


*Outbreaks of African Swine Fever in EU 2010: ASF Outbreaks News
*Precision Management: Advice Tips from Profitable Top Pigmeat Producers
*The State of the Art! - Food Safety, Farm Traceability & Public Health
*Alternatives to Surgical Castration - Sexing Spermatozoa or Immunocastration: Pig Welfare Facts Leaflets
*Humane Slaughter Abattoir Techniques for Swine: Electrical Stunning: Pig Welfare Videos
*NEW*Pig In A Day with Hugh and Ray!*NEW*
DVD: 148 mins
Pig-keeping, Butchering, Processing, Cooking - the delights of small scale pig management, nose to tail complete guide, instructions for making your own hams bacon sausages pork cuts, processing offal, equipment, recipes, cookery guide, Prosciutto

by TV Celebrity Chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

  • The Joys of Pig-Keeping: Pig Husbandry - DIY Butchery Skills - Gourmet Cooking
  • Selecting & Training Pigs to Hunt Truffles
  • Home Butchering: Tools & Techniques
  • Butcher's Cuts: Preparation (first trimmings), Demonstration of jointing leg/ham, separating loin & belly, removing loin & chump end, boning out the chine bone, separation of long loin & sparerib joint [for a larger, slow roast], remove hand & hock from from belly, make loin chops, separate long loin & rack of ribs, preparing long loin & spare rib joint, bone out the blade bone, prepare thick end of belly
  • Sausages, Curing & Charcuterie: Sausages, Salamis, Dry-cured ham [Prosciutto Style], English traditional Brine-cured Ham [for boiling and baking], Herbs & Spices to use for Seasoning, Handling pig or sheep Intestines for sausage casings
  • Recipes: How to cook Brawn, Liver Pate, Stuffed tenderloin, Chinese ribs, Crispy brains, Devilled kidneys, Black pudding, Roast loin of pork with crackling, Pork loin in milk
  • Useful Organisations & Information: Pig Equipment, Farm Livestock, Ingredients [flavourings, spices, preservatives], Casings for sausage-making, chipolatas etc
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  • Charcuterie is the branch of COOKING PORK PRODUCTS devoted to prepared pigmeat products such as bacon, ham, sausage, terrines, galantines, pâtés and confit. The original traditional purpose was a way to preserve meats before the invention of refrigeration, but the modern art is concerned more with flavors derived from the preservation process.
    *Factors Affecting Weaning to Service Interval of Sows: Pig Breeding Facts
    *Salmonella on Pig Farms - U.K. Farm Action Plan 2010: Salmonella Control News


    *Manipulable Materials to Prevent Boredom - New Guidelines for Toys, Tyres, Chains, Straw: Welfare Factsheets
    *Gut & Respiratory Diseases in Pigs - Prevention & Control with Tiamulin and Valnemulin: Octagon
    *Pig Scour & Human Norovirus survey - Enteric Calicivirus, Rotavirus Infections: Causes of Pig Diarrhoea
    *Artificial Insemination of Sows - Fertility depends on Technique, Timing, Heat Detection: Breeding Factsheets
    *Spread of Diseases from Farm Animal Livestock to Humans falls in European Union: Data

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    *European Vets Push for Ban on Surgical Castration unless Anaesthesia & Analgesia used: FVE
    *Farm Animal Welfare - Politics & Supermarket Power Struggle!
    *Swine Influenza Receptors in Pigs & People - Found in Porcine Intestine: H1N1 Update
    *Advice for Pig Producers after Salmonella found on 31% of Europe's Pig Farms: Salmonella Research
    *PMWS/PCVD update - Diagnosis, Epizootiology, Pathogenesis, Genetics, Nutrition, Vaccines: Circovirus News
    *Highly Pathogenic Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (HP-PRRS) Virus: PRRSV Control
    *New Animal Health joint venture - Merial/Intervet/Merck/Schering-Plough/Sanofi-aventis Combine Forces: 2010
    *Free-range & Organic Farming: : Risk Management & Food Safety
    *Biosecurity & Disaster Preparedness Training - Ultraviolet Powder Indicating Infectious Agent Transmission: NCSU
    *New EU 'Farm to Fork' Food Chain Information (FCI) Safety Rules for Livestock Owners & Slaughterhouses: 2010


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