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*Techniques for Checking Sow Breeding Performance: Pig Infertility Factsheets & Videos

*NEW Farm Animal Welfare Code for Pigs in New Zealand: Farm Animal Welfare

Wild Boar numbers increase in Europe: Report
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Reviews of Wild Boar numbers, problems, spread & control in the UK: Report 1   Report 2


*Costs of Pig Diseases - Expert Online Lecture - Money-Saving Tips: Veterinary Videos

*Monitoring the Growth Period - Presentation on Nursery to Finishing: Click on "Enter"

*Profitable Pig Farming! - Farm Incomes Rise 22% in England: 2010

*Mycotoxins Update - Zearalenone (Zon) and Deoxynivalenol (Don) Symptoms Often Missed: News

Self-sufficiency cooking - The Whole Beast - Nose to Tail Eating


Famous Chef, Fergus Henderson, caused a sensation when he opened his restaurant in London. He serves up the inner organs of beasts and fowls in big, exhilarating dishes that combine high sophistication with peasant roughness. "Nose to Tail Eating" is a collection of his recipes celebrating the thrifty rural British traditions of making delicious virtue out of every part of an animal.

Henderson's wonderful signature dish, Roast Bone Marrow and Parsley Salad is among the starters along with Grilled Marinated Calf's Heart and the awesome but delicious Rolled Pig's Spleen. He is a great advocate of brining and tends to use saturated animal fats (duck, goose, lard) in quantities that would make a dietician blanche. But when the results are dishes of the calibre of Brined Pork Belly, Roasted, Lamb's Tongues, Turnips, Bacon and Salted Duck's Legs, Green Beans, and Cornmeal Dumplings, who cares?

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*Time to Take a Break with a Laughter Yoga Cathartic Experience [ONLINE VIDEOS]

*New Genetic Approach to Not Castrating Pigs: Pig Breeding Research

*African Swine Fever ASF - Outbreaks in Russia, Armenia & Chad: African Swine Fever News

*Aujeszky's Disease Virus - Map of Recent Outbreaks in France: OIE

*Splayleg in Piglets - 2010 Update: NADIS

*MRSA Staph. aureus bacteria found in 9.6% of Canadian Retail Pork Samples: Food Safety News

*MRSA Infection/Contamination Post-Production - 10% infection in transport vehicles, 60% slaughterhouse infection rate: News

*MRSA in Pigs UPDATE - Risk to Abattoir & Farm Staff, Vets & Pharmaceutical Industry: Food Safety News

Boar Hunt Novel Wild Boar Humour
In the Shape of a Boar - In pre-Homeric times Greek heroes united to hunt down the ferocious Boar of Kalydon. Three and a half millennia later the hunt for the Boar of Kalydon is re-enacted - Greek partisans pursue their quarry - an SS officer - in the same mountains the ancient Boar of Kalydon roamed.
Details: USA   Canada   UK [Europe]

Details: USA   Canada   UK [Europe]


*MRSA in Pigs and Pigmeat Products: Blog Overview

*Economic benefits from Herd Elimination of Enzootic Pneumonia & PRRS: 2010

*Eradication of Swine Dysentery in an Outdoor Breeding Herd & Production Pyramid: Enteric Diseases News

*Treatment of Ileitis [Porcine Proliferative Enteropathy] with pleuromutilin antibiotic Valnemulin (EconorŪ): Enteric Disease News



Just Published 2010!*NEW*

An excellent practical guide for anyone new to keeping or farming pigs, especially on a small-scale. The author brings 27 years of experience to his friendly, easy-reading, expert advice. How to handle pigs, buy pigs, house them cheaply, feed them and keep them healthy and profitable. Plus how to make the best sausages you are ever likely to taste!

Includes a unique up-to-date review of the UK and EU laws and regulations affecting pig-keepers of any size unit. Also a history of pig breeds and pig husbandry, amusing anecdotes and personal stories of swine-farm "disaster management"!

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*Working with Weight Variation in Pig Pens to Maximise Performance: Pig Management Downloads

*Hens kept with Pigs can carry Swine Dysentery [Brachyspira hyodysenteriae] bacteria: Swine Dysentery Research

* Productivity Performance Analysis - Data for UK Breeding Herds: 2010

*Handling & Moving Pigs - Expert Advice Based on Normal Behavior: Pig Behaviour & Welfare News

*Pork Contamination Risks linked to Farm Biosecurity Management: Infection Control Section

*C. difficile diarrhea in baby pigs caused by antibiotic use: Diarrhoea Research News

*Feeding Gilts & Sows for Milk Production: Review   *PRRS Human Infections & Deaths Report: PRRS Discussion


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