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*European Union sets Dates for Sow Loose Housing and Surgical Castration Ban: EU Pig Welfare news

Sustainable Pig production - Problems & Solutions
Natural behaviour & feeding habits of Wild Pigs, Vices in some intensive Pig Units

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Marketing to high-welfare and organic niche markets, Environmental Enrichment Systems.
Buy the 182-page sustainable pig farming Manual: Amazon UK

*Essential Oils for Pigs - Bay Cassia Cayenne Cumin Garlic Ginger Oregano Rosemary Sage Thyme: Feed News

*Pepperoni and Luncheon Meat risked Foot-and-Mouth Disease outbreak in UK: News

*Antibiotic Resistance - Veterinary and Public Health Concerns in Europe: Octagon
*Antimicrobial Medication Carry Over in Pig Feed: 6 Mb Review
The Pigman's Handbook of Problem Solving by Gerry Brent
The Pigman's Handbook of Problem Solving
by Gerry Brent

This comprehensive book is essential reading for all those responsible for the achievement of high levels of output from pig units. Focusing on the complexity of accurately identifying the real causes of performance problems, the book emphasizes the importance of realistically appraising all the available evidence, including pig unit data and observation, before reaching firm conclusions.
The author discusses all the main performance issues that commonly affect pig enterprises—for example, low litter sizes, high levels of stillborn pigs, high post-weaning mortality rates, slow growth rates, low feed intakes, and high feed covnersion ratios. He analyzes each problem in detail at every stage and examines a range of possibilities before guiding the reader toward the most likely cause, and the most approriate course of action.
In the context of general animal health and nutrition, he identifies related issues and recommends when it is appropriate to consult specialists in these fields.

About the Author: Gerry Brent began his career in pig production before moving into agricultural education. He became the Manager of the National Agricultural Centre's Pig Demonstration Unit and then embarked on a career in consultancy and pig unit management. He eventually returned to agricultural education and became one of the founders of modern pig industry training in the UK. Gerry is the author of three other textbooks, including The Pigman's Handbook - a companion to this publication. He was the recipient of the David Black Award for services to the pig industry in 2004.

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*Problem Solving & Risk Management Skills: Analyse Situations Quickly and Thoroughly
*Antibiotic Substitutes - Antioxidants, Probiotics, Cranberry extract, Essential oils: 2011 Research
*Aujeszky's disease virus [ADV, pseudorabies virus] in Wild Swine - Risk of Spread to Farmed Pigs: Review
*Salmonella in Animal Feed - Heat Treatment Fails to Control: Salmonella Research News
*Tips to Improve Piglet Survival: Creep Feeding   Pig Farming Beginners' Guide
*New DNA Vaccine for Pigs against Swine Influenza Viruses&: Swine Influenza News
*Disinfection of African Swine Fever virus (ASFV) & Classical Swine Fever virus (CSFV): African Swine Fever Research
*Disinfection of Foot and Mouth Disease virus (FMDV): Foot and Mouth Disease Research
*Ebola virus in Pigs & Pig Farm Employees - Replication, Pathogenicity, Shedding, and Transmission: Sept.2011


*Ileitis - Treat and Control Porcine Proliferative Enteropathy: Health News

*Factors affecting Udder Development in Pre-pubertal Gilts and Milk Production in Sows: Breeding News

*Cephalosporin Antibiotic Resistance: Should UK Control or Ban as Denmark & France Suspend Usage? : Octagon

*International Trends in Pigmeat Production & Consumption & Global Trade in Live Pigs: 2011

*New Research into Summer Cooling of Sows to Improve Fertility: Breeding Downloads

Small-scale Hobby Farming for Profit - Start a Sustainable Local Food Production Enterprise - for entrepreneur smallholdings & backyard pig or poultry production

*UK BPEX Pig Health Scheme + National Pig Health Improvement Project PHIP: QA Schemes

*Europe & Asia - African Swine Fever Spread is Very Serious says FAO: African Swine Fever Outbreaks

*Two Tonne Sow Project helps English Producers achieve 2,000 kg of pig meat per sow per year by 2013: News


*Pig Numbers in Europe - New EU Data: 2011

*Review of Emergent New Swine Viruses - Relationship to Pig Husbandry & Global Trade: 2011

*Medicated Feed Premixes - Carryover of Ingredients - Problem? : Octagon

*Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria in Farm Animals & Meat - New EU Report: Medication News

*Disease Diagnosis & Control Updates: PRRS Certification   Avian TB in Pigs   Hepatitis E in Pig Workers

*FREE BOOKLET on Seasonal Infertility in Pig Herds: Pig Breeding Offers

*European Union Report on Human Disease Risks from Farm Animals and Meat: EFSA


*New Pig Disease Control Treatments - Sub-unit vaccines & Solutions for Antimicrobial Resistance Problems: 2011

*Tiamulin injection Treatment: Enzootic Pneumonia (Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae) & Mycoplasmal Arthritis: Octagon

*Metaphylactic treatment of Mycoplasmal Arthritis due to Mycoplasma hyosynoviae: Pig Diseases
*Antibiotic Use on Pig Farms - Update & Discussion: Octagon
*Management Factors that Affect Piglet Birth Weight: Pig Breeding Information
*Pig Offals are Big Business! - The Mathematics of Boneless Pork Rectums: News
*Pork Blood Cake Candles Snuffed Out - Porcine Delicacy (?) Banned: News
*Brachyspira Infections in Pigs, Poultry & Wild Birds – Spiralling out of Control? : Octagon
*Artificial Insemination - Oestrus Detection by Computer: Watch this Pig A.I. Video


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