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Cow Signals

What behaviour do I see? Why is this happening?

What does this mean?

Cows send out signals continuously about their health, well-being, nutrition, and production. The challenge for the dairy farmer is how to interpret these signals and use them. Vet and bovine behavior specialist, Jan Hulsen, has drawn on his expertise and wide experience of cows and dairy farmers to write Cow Signals: a richly illustrated farmer s guide on how to interpret the behaviour, posture and physical characteristics of groups of cows and individual animals.

When observing cows it is important not to jump to conclusions immediately, but instead always to ask yourself three questions: What do I see? Why has this happened? What does this mean? For example, a lump on a cow s shoulder says something about the feed barrier, while cows standing in cubicles is a sign of mediocre cubicle comfort. Armed with information like this, you can take appropriate remedial action. If you know what to look for, you can pick up the signals everywhere and any time. Cow Signals will show you how.

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VIDEO FILM: Cattle Breeding - Cow & Bull Mating

Veterinary Medicine - Textbook of Diseases of Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Pigs & Goats
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Veterinary Medicine [in 2 Volumes]

Textbook of Diseases of Cattle, Horses, Pigs, Sheep & Goats

With this revised edition of Veterinary Medicine an accompanying Phone App is also offered, presenting in handy mobile format differential diagnoses, synopses of key points from the book, and tips and practical hints on therapeutics. When used together, the Veterinary Medicine book and App make an unbeatable reference that combines all the benefits of comprehensiveness with the convenience of portability.

Comprehensive manual of diseases of cattle, horses, sheep, pigs & goats for students, livestock specialists & veterinary practitioners. Extensively used as a reference by veterinarians around the world!

New 11th edition - farm animal & equine experts Hinchcliff & Constable are joined as editors by Professor Stanley Done, a distinguished authority on the diseases of pigs.

The new edition has been reorganized into two volumes for ease of use and offers many NEW features and topics! The new edition has been fully reviewed and the references updated.

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Gut Efficiency; The Key Ingredient in Ruminant Production Elevating Animal Performance and Health
Cattle Gut Efficiency - Key Ingredient in Ruminant Production Elevating Bovine Performance & Cattle Herd Health

Global dairy and beef production has become an extremely competitive industry. World dairy production is predicted to grow significantly by 2020 with emergence of new consumers in developing countries, milk, cheese and meat production in established markets now has to fulfil consumer needs plus product supply, cattle herd health, food safety and minimal low-carbon emission environmental impact on global warming.

Recent extreme increases in feed costs emphasizes the key role of rumen and digestive efficiency management in cattle production economics. Ruminant breeders and producers must seek new technologies to improve performance efficiency, animal health and production costs.

This textbook includes reviews by world-leading authorities in the field of ruminant nutrition and management for the benefit of dairy and beef farmers, bovine nutritionists, veterinarians and breeders as well as agriculture students and scientific researchers studying animal and applied biological sciences.
The small size of this specialist review belies the density of information contained within. The whole topic is very important as livestock farming margins come under increasing pressure, plus food safety issues have become of critical importance to consumers.

CONTENT LIST: Calf gut health: practical considerations
Incidence and causes of mortality
Lack of immunity - colostrum feeding and immune system function
Management of calf scours (diarrhoea - U.S. spelling: diarrhea)
The role of MOS source and structure on antibiotic resistance of pathogenic bacteria.

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ONLINE VIDEO: Traditional British Cattle Breeds have spread around the World

The History of UK Cattle Breeding: Highland cattle (hardy), Aberdeen Angus, Hereford, English Longhorn (beef), South Devon, Gloucester (cheese production).


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VIDEO: Double-muscling & Cattle A.I. Demonstration Film

Double-muscled Belgian Blue Cattle arise from Selective Breeding of a Genetic Defect



Production Diseases in Farm Animals
Includes CD of Proceedings of International Conference on Production Diseases in Farm Animals
Production Diseases in Farm Animals plus CD of Proceedings of 12th International Conference on Production Diseases in Farm Animals Michigan USA 2004

High producing farm animals are permanently challenged by a variety of factors: lack of proper nutrition (deficiency, excess, toxicity), housing systems, infections and stress. The incidence, course and outcome of production diseases are changing continuously. Therefore, new information on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of production diseases is needed.

These problems are complicated by the discussion of animal welfare, the rapid changes in agricultural production and the economics of production. The following key topics are handled: alternatives to growth-promoting antibacterial agents; chronic inflammation and animal production; animal behaviour and welfare in intensive production systems; epidemiology of production diseases; new techniques in immunoprophylaxis; nutrition-immunology and production-immunology relationships; phosphorus nutrition - animal health and environmental concerns; application of genomics to production disease; role of specific fatty acids in animal health, reproduction, and performance; trace mineral nutrition and metabolism


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VIDEO: Organic Cows Dance with Joy at the Spring Turnout

After being confined indoors all winter, cattle love to move and graze free on fresh pasture.


FILM CLIP: Organic Cattle Farming - A Family Farm Business


cover photo wild animal health and diseases book 
"Wild Health"
How animals keep themselves Healthy - What we can learn from them!

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