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Pig Anatomy in 3D - Scale Model [16cm]

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Porcine Anatomy - Internal abdominal organs: diaphragm, heart, pig liver, spleen, small intestine, swine lung, heart, stomach, trachea oesophagus. Skeleton bones: vertebral column, forelimb bones scapula humerus radius bone, metacarpus vertebrae leg bones metatarsus tibia fibula, also snout tail hock teeth ribs.



*UPDATE: Group Housing of Sows: 2015

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Nutrient Requirements of Swine: 11th Revised Edition
Published by National Research Council - Subcommittee on Swine Nutrition

Optimize your pork, bacon, ham or pet pig production with this authoritative review on swine nutritional needs and dietary ingredient composition from the National Research Council.

Nutrient Requirements of Swine - Nutrition, Feeding & Diets for production management of sows and boars

This reference has guided nutritionists and other professionals in teaching and the pig and feed industries in developing and implementing nutritional and feeding programs for swine. The pork industry has undergone considerable changes since the 10th edition was published in 1998 so some of the requirements and recommendations set forth at that time are no longer relevant or appropriate.

The hardback book is complemented by free online resources to determine the nutrient requirements of swine at all stages of development, to evaluate diet, and to calculate nutrient excretion. The EXTRA ADDED resources include:

Computer models for calculation of nutrient requirements, diet optimisation & nutrient excretion.
Case studies to help users understand uses & applications of the computer models.

This new, revised 400-page edition of the Nutrient Requirements of Swine builds on the previous editions published by the National Research Council. A great deal of new research has been published during the last 15 years and there is a large amount of new information for many nutrients. In addition to a thorough and current evaluation of the literature on the energy and nutrient requirements of swine in all stages of life, this volume includes information about feed ingredients from the biofuels industry and other new ingredients, requirements for digestible phosphorus and concentrations of it in feed ingredients, a review of the effects of feed additives and feed processing, and strategies to increase nutrient retention and thus reduce fecal and urinary excretions that could contribute to environmental pollution. The tables of feed ingredient composition are significantly updated.

Nutrient Requirements of Swine 2012 represents a comprehensive review of the most recent information available on swine nutrition and ingredient composition that will allow efficient, profitable, and environmentally conscious swine production. It will provide you with the most comprehensive review of research-based information on swine nutrition. This new edition also provides guidance on efficient and environmentally aware agricultural practices.

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*Campaign to Cut Food Waste by Overturning Ban on Swill Feeding to Pigs: History of Pig Usage   Disease Risk

*Feeding Sows a Seaweed supplement for Suckling Piglet Growth, Immunity, Microflora, Immune Response: Research

*Milk Production & Nutritional Requirements of Modern Sows: Research



*Vitamin & Trace Element Premixes, Nursery Creep Diets, Plasma Mineral Levels, Zinc Oxide etc: Download .PDF


*NUTRITION, FEEDING & DIET EXAMPLES for Growing & Finishing Pigs: KSU

Fertility & Infertility in Pig Herds
Nutritional Approaches to Arresting a Decline in Fertility in Pigs & Poultry

Continued genetic development of pigs and poultry has been the foundation of profitable production within a competitive market. However, the challenges of these production increases have undoubtedly taken their toll on reproductive function in all breeding livestock, with the incidence of infertility increasing at an alarming rate. For example, it has recently been estimated that over 40% of sows are culled due to fertility problems, compared to just 2% with feet and leg issues.
This edited collection of papers is taken from a series of seminars, devoted to bringing together some of the world’s leading authorities in the field of pig and poultry reproduction. The fundamental aim being to re-examine the current trends in productivity in the pork and poultry industries, and to identify nutritional means to improve fertility. It considers the effects of essential nutrients in optimising productivity, and discusses innovative applications of nutrition that will help to enhance fertility. The success of such innovations within entrepreneurial integrated systems is also covered, together with the importance of producing a quality chick and piglet at birth/hatching. Finally, the role of management and the need for least cost production is discussed.
Nutritional Approaches to Arresting the decline in Fertility of Swine and Poultry is aimed at livestock farm managers, feed industry consultants, vets, nutritionists and poultry producers as well as students and researchers studying animal and applied biological sciences.

      Fertility and Infertility in Pig Herds - Nutrition and diets for fertile production management of sows and boars
    Recent advances in sow reproductive function
  • Perspective on sow nutritional requirement estimates
  • Case in point - copper
  • Feeding management
  • Nutritional management of reproduction

  • Where are we & what do we aim at?
  • Targets for gilt preparation
  • Gestation feeding
  • Lactation feeding
  • Sow Longevity
  • Mineral needs for reproduction
  • Current thinking on organic minerals
  • References
  • Role of the boar in maximising reproduction: effects of nutrition & management

  • Reproduction in boars
  • The boar rearing period
  • Nutrition of the breeding boar
  • Mineral & vitamin requirements of boars
  • Feed quality
  • Water requirement of boars
  • Effects of environmental temperature
  • The effects of stockmanship
  • Organic or inorganic selenium for hyperovulatory first-parity sows?
    Antioxidant status, hormonal response, embryo development & reproductive performance

  • Long-term effects on selenium-related metabolites
  • Short-term effects on selenium-related metabolites & hormone status during the peri-oestral period
  • Reproduction performance on day 30 of gestation
  • References

    Piglets survival: importance for efficient productivity

  • Peri-natal mortality
  • Understanding piglet mortality
  • Importance of colostrum for the piglet’s survival
  • References
  • Nutrigenomics in pig & poultry production:

  • Feeding the genes for fertility
  • Using genomic information to understand fertility
  • Oligonucleotide microarrays as a tool for examining gene regulation in swine
  • Examining fertility issues using gene expression
  • Nutrigenomics
  • Effects of selenium on gene expression
  • Vision of the future

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Formula for the Future: Nutrition Advice for Disease Control

Boost Performance & Health in Pigs and Poultry

*NEW* Formula for the future: good nutrition or disease outbreaks? Elevating performance & health in pigs, hogs, swine and chickensReviews of swine & poultry feeding in relation to health, food safety & performance. Articles on current advice for good nutrition and healthy stock, including strategies to combat Salmonella and mycotoxins. The importance of digestive function and the influence of nutrition on viability and disease in herds of hogs and flocks of chickens is covered.
Up-to-date information on diets and disease risks.

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Swine need to drink adequate supply of water to meet essential body functions such as temperature regulation, absorption of nutrients, waste excretion and tissue growth. 80% of a newborn piglet consists of water and 55% of a finisher. Extreme water deprivation can be fatal, minor dehydration can result in reduced feed intake, lower daily gain, poorer feed conversion, reduced milk production and lower weaning weights. When performance problems are investigated, feed is often carefully analysed while critical problems with drinking water supplies may be missed.


Creep Feeding   Sow Colostrum   Neonate Baby Pigs   Ensuring Uniformity of Finishers

Applied Nutrition for Young Pigs book

Applied Nutrition for Young Pigs

 * Growth and development  * Digestive physiology  * Sow's milk
* Feed intake & management  * Diet specification  * Feedstuffs
Feed additives, Feed manufacturing  * Feeding programmes
*Creep feeding  * Liquid feeding  * Water requirements

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Review & Contents List


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Farm animal livestock feeding and nutrition efficiency models


Modelling Nutrient Utilization in Farm Animals
Edited by J. P. McNamara, J. France & D. E. Beever

Dept. of Animal Sciences Washington State University USA
Dept. of Agriculture University of Reading U.K.

Contents, Review + New Used Order Pages



Weaning the Pig:  Concepts and Consequences
32 Authors include Prof. Peter Brooks, Dr. F. Madec, J.R. Pluske, J. Le Dividich & M.W.A. Verstegen
Wageningen Agricultural University

Weaning the weaner Pig - Housing Feeding Nutrition Diet and Management of Weaners

  • Growth of the weaned pig
  • Nutritional management of the pig in preparation for weaning
  • Behavioural changes & adaptations associated with weaning
  • Metabolic & endocrine changes in weaners around weaning
  • Factors affecting voluntary feed intake in weaned piglets
  • Digestive physiology of the weaner hog
  • Diet-mediated modulation of small intestinal integrity in weaners
  • Interactions: intestinal microflora, diet, diarrhoea - influence piglet health in post-weaning period
  • Aspects of intestinal immunity in the pig around weaning time
  • Nutritional requirements of the weaned pig
  • Intestinal nutrient requirements in weanling pigs
  • Environmental requirements & housing of weaned hogs
  • Saving and rearing underprivileged & supernumerary piglets - improving health at weaning
  • Providing assistance to piglets at birth, Cross-fostering, Split weaning
  • Growth potential of underprivileged piglets
  • All-in / All-out management system for farrowing and weaner housing
  • Segregated Early Weaning for Disease Control
  • Productivity and Longevity of Weaned Sows - Reproductive causes of culling
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    Sow Vaginal Speculum instrument for Bladder Catheterisation and Urine sampling
    Sow Vaginal Speculum for Bladder Catheterisation - Urine sampling
    Stainless steel instrument - Handle 21cm long, Jaws 12cm long
    Slightly Used - Good Condition

    Retractor Speculum for retracting vaginal walls for inspection of vestibule cavity or to view urethral orifice and insert a urine sampling or indwelling catheter into the urethra.
    An adjustable ratchet allows the speculum to be fixed in any position of opening, leaving the hands free for catheter manipulation.

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    "The Mineral Nutrition of Livestock"
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    Book Details, Contents List:
    Mineral Nutrition of Livestock
    "Farm Animal Metabolism and Nutrition"
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    Pig feeding and Swine Nutrition comprehensive reference textbook
    "Nutrition of Sows and Boars"
    by Dr. W.H. Close & Dr. D.J.A Cole of Nottingham University, United Kingdom
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    "Feeding Systems and Feed Evaluation Models"
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    Management and Feeding of nursery swine - weaner pigs 

    "The Weaner Pig : Nutrition and Management"
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