Swine Genetics & Heritabilities of Traits

The Genetics of the Pig

Edited by M F Rothschild & A Ruvinsky

Department of Animal Science, Iowa State University
Department of Animal Sciences, University of New England, Australia

Hardback 640 pages
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  • Preface
    M F Rothschild (USA) & A Ruvinsky (Australia)

  • Systematics & Evolution of the Pig
    A Ruvinsky (Australia) & M F Rothschild (USA)

  • Genetic Aspects of Domestication, Common Breeds & their Origin
    G F Jones (USA)

  • Genetics of Colour Variation
    C Legault (France)

  • Genetics of Morphological Traits & Inherited Disorders
    F W Nicholas (Australia)

  • Biochemical Genetics
    R K Juneja (Sweden) & P Vögeli (Switzerland)

  • Molecular Genetics
    C Moran (Australia)

  • Immunogenetics
    J K Lunney (USA) & J E Butler (USA)

  • Cytogenetics & Physical Chromosome Maps
    B P Chowdhary (Sweden)

  • Genetic Linkage Maps
    A L Archibald (UK) & C S Haley (UK)

  • Genetics of Behaviour
    J J McGlone (USA), C Désautés (France), P Morméde (France) & M Heup (USA),

  • Biology & Genetics of Reproduction
    M F Rothschild (USA) & J-P Bidanel (France)

  • Transgenics & Modern Reproductive Technologies
    U Besenfelder (Austria), M Müller (Austria) & G Brem (Austria)

  • Developmental Genetics
    D Pomp (USA) & R Geisert (USA)

  • Genetic Resources & the Global Programme for their Management
    K Hammond (FAO, Italy) & H W Leitch (FAO, Italy)

  • Genetics of Performance Traits
    A C Clutter (USA) & E W Brascamp (The Netherlands)

  • Genetics of Meat & Carcass Traits
    P Sellier (France)

  • Genetic Improvement of the Pig
    L Ollivier (France)

  • Standard Nomenclature & Pig Genetic Glossary
    L D Young (USA)

  • Appendix 1: Genetic Linkage Maps for pigs
    Appendix 2: List of Identified Loci for pigs


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    Geneticists, pig & swine breeders, breeding advisors, veterinarians, students & researchers in animal breeding or genetics.

    The theory and application of mammalian genetics have evolved rapidly over the last two decades to include immunogenetics and molecular genetics, creating fresh insights into biological processes. These developments, together with improved management practices, have revolutionised pig production.

    This massive tome is the ultimate reference book on porcine genetics. An impressive list of international experts has combined to produce a truly exceptional publication at an amazingly low price for the deep mine of information it contains.

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    (all deliver world-wide)


    *Similar books: Livestock Genetics


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