Survival Lessons from Pigs - Swine Farming Humorous Guide Lessons from Pigs - what pig farming experience can teach us about survival skills and sustainable stress management in the business jungle

Workplace Lessons
we can learn from
Pigs and Pig Farms


Survival skills that pigs and pig farming experience can teach us
How to achieve sustainable results and manage interpersonal stress in an organisation, company or corporation
Applicable to the business, public service and academic sectors of work

by Cathy Sumeracki

Paperback: 111 pages Published 2003 by Red Cabin Press ISBN 0971679215
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  • Introduction
  • There's Always a Pig Snout
  • Keep Your Head Out of the Pig Crate!
  • Always Factor in the Sow Effects
  • Move Sows Gradually Along A Clear Path
  • Remember to Include the Details of Pig Processing
  • Never Trust the Boar
  • Hit those Angry Sows Head On!
  • Heterosity is Vital For continued Process Improvement
  • Know When to Let Go of the Nursery Pigs
  • In the End, It's All Just Pig Farming!




    "Lessons in Pig Farming" is immediately suitable for (useful and applicable to) managers, owners and directors of businesses or public sector organizations. However, any employee who has to deal with other people in the workplace - especially those "difficult", stubborn or obstructive colleagues - will find this manual an intriguing mixture of fun and "survive and thrive" advice.

    Publisher's synopsis: 
    A fun way to remind people of basic change management principles. Written in storytelling style, this short, easy to read book introduces a whole new set of business jargon. Readers will chuckle as they discover what to do with a "pig snout', why you never trust the "boar" and how to handle an "angry sow". Plus much more! Everyone will relate to and enjoy Lessons in Pig Farming.

    About the Author: 
    Cathy Sumeracki worked on a large intensive pig farm in America before spending the last 16 years engineering change within large U.S. corporations. She discovered that the two environments were not that different and that a lot of transferable skills and insights from her mid-west swine farm experience came in very handy.

    Cathy Sumeracki consults and speaks regularly on effective change management in business, especially large organisations.

    What a delightful book! A very refreshing and creative approach to the formulation and implementation of a business management and work relationships strategy. Easy to read and full of simple but inspiring concepts, tips and strategies for surviving in the jungle of a large organisation. Actually, the lessons can be applied to small business environments also and even in other walks of life - political and leisure groups for example.

    M. J. Meredith    

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