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Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome
Hogs, Pigs & Swine Farming: Health, Diseases, News & Views Achive 2016
Hogs, Pigs & Swine Farming: Health, Diseases, News & Views Achive 2015
Hogs, Pigs & Swine Farming: Health, Diseases, News & Views Achive 2014
Hogs, Pigs & Swine Farming: Health, Diseases, News & Views Achive 2013
Hogs, Pigs & Swine Farming: Health, Diseases, News & Views Achive 2012
Hogs, Pigs & Swine Farming: Health, Diseases, News & Views Achive 2011
News Achive 2010: Biosecurity, Salmonella, PRRS
Pig Farming & Swine Diseases - News Achive 2010b
Livestock Farming Books Offers - Discount Pig Equipment - Swine Journals
Farm Animal Welfare the power struggle
Influenza Virus Epidemics 2006 EU Pandemic Risk Assessment
PMWS PDNS circovirus PCV-2 infection of hogs pigs swine
Toxoplasma Toxoplamosis: people, farm animals, pigs, swine
Swine Flu Epidemic Mexico USA Outbreaks 2009 - pig strain H1N1 Influenza Virus epidemiology
Stremodo Monitoring of pig welfare, swine handling and transport stresses
Video film clips of Swine Flu Pandemic 2009 Outbreaks H1N1 Influenza Virus
Swine Flu Outbreaks 2009 - Pig & Poultry Farmers influenza prevention advice
2009 News Archive - Developments in Pig Health - Farm Animal welfare - Swine Diseases
2008 News Archive - Pig Health - Farm Animal welfare - Swine Diseases
2007 News Archive - Pig Health - Farm Animal welfare - Swine Diseases
News Archive - Pig Health - Farm Animal welfare - Swine Diseases 2005 2006
Pig Health - Diseases of Pigs - Swine Welfare - Pork Safety
The Death of British Agriculture by Richard North
Global Recession - Pig Industry Economic Pressures - Farming Business & Pig Industry Challenges
African Swine Fever virus infection of pigs - ASF
Agriculture, Science Veterinary databases, books
E.coli 0157 Infection Farm Animal Spread Human Food
Farm Livestock - Ethics & Quality of Life
From Crisis to Transformation
High Welfare Housing - swine health pig mycoplasma problems
Pig herd hygiene - soiling the sleeping area
Ileitis Lawsonia intracellularis in pig hogs swine
Genital problems of sow, vaginal vulval vulvar discharges
Multi-Site pig production Isowean swine biosecurity
Salmonella Farm Animals disease - Infection in hogs pork pigs swine
Vietnamese Potbellied Pig behavior Miniature swine training
Influenza Virus Spead - swine and human zoonotic infections
Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus human HPAI pig H7N7
Classical Swine Fever CSF in Pigs control pathology signs symptoms
Weaners - pig nutrition and management of nursery swine
Social behaviour and group behavior in farm animals
Pig Production Biological Principles Applications by McGlone
Small-Scale Pig Raising and home butchering manual for smallholders
News - Pig veterinary - Hog production welfare - Swine farming 2005
Applied Animal Endocrinology 2003 book review
Livestock farming GMOs, cloning farm animals, genetic engineering
Investigate pig infertility and swine breeding problems
Breeding for Disease Resistance in Farm Animals - Review
The Genetics of the Pig: review of new book on swine breeding
Enzymes in Farm Animal Nutrition
Digestive Physiology of Pigs
Farm Animal Metabolism and Nutrition: feeds & feeding
Animal Feeding Systems - Feed Evaluation Model
Biological Weapons Research, Development, Use
Internet Tracking and archiving of disease information
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10 Essential Foods - Sensible Approach to Vitality Health Well-Being
Babe pig in the city film audiocassette story book
I Am a Little Pig - child's farm animal picture story book
Endangered Pleasures: bacon, Martinis, profanity, indulgences
Women are Influenced by Mother Relationship with Food
Dino, Godzilla, and the Pigs Life on Missouri Hog Farm
Modelling Nutrient Utilization in Farm Animals
Don't Forget the Bacon childrens story book by Pat Hutchins
Pork Quality Assurance QA traceability & pigmeat Welfare UK
Organic Farming - outdoor livestock - production health welfare
Organic Farming - health and welfare of livestock production
Antibiotic Growth Promoters ban - Control EU UK USA
Nipah virus zoonotic swine disease kills pig farmers
Growth Promoters - Probiotics alternative
Creep Feeding tips: increase feed intake of baby piglets
Antimicrobial Growth Promoters - Environment Benefits Claim
Meat Quality Assurance QA traceability & UK animal welfare
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Pot Bellied Pigs sing Christmas carols - singing pig songs
Swine Fever Outbreaks UK Europe International Pigs 2005 2006
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classical swine fever CSF diagnosis lesions signs symptoms
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classical swine fever CSF: diagnosis lesions signs symptoms
porcine kidney pathology: pale swollen & petechiae
classical swine fever CSF: scientific literature references
Swine Excretory Behaviour: normal behavior patterns dunging & sleeping areas
UK classical swine fever outbreaks control areas August 2000
UK Swine Fever outbreaks - PVS letter to Minister of Agriculture
UK classical swine fever (CSF) epidemic: source of virus
Classical swine fever CSF control United Kingdom European Union
Foot-and-Mouth Disease FMD - UK EU Europe World Epidemics 2006
UK Government inquiries Foot-and-Mouth Disease
Michael R. Muirhead BVM&S DPM FRCVS - Obituary
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Diarrhoea scours in pigs - differential diagnosis
Two Tamworth True-life Hero Pigs Escape Death at UK Abattoir
Physiology of Stress - Animal Suffering Behaviour - Review
The Ethology of Domestic Animals - An Introductory Textbook
Dictionary Encyclopedia of Farm Animal Nutrition
Breeding Fertility of Domestic Farm Animals - Reproduction - A.I. Technology
Survival Lessons from Pigs - Swine Farming Humorous Guide
Patron Saint of Pigs and Skin Diseases - St. Anthony