Social stress is one of the major factors in impaired functioning of the immune system,
disease vulnerability and poor breeding & production performance

but what are the critical social needs of farm livestock?


Social needs and behaviors of farm livestock under intensive and extensive farming conditions

Social Behaviour in Farm Animals

Edited jointly by
Dr. Harold W. Gonyou, Prairie Swine Centre, Canada
Dr. L. J. Keeling, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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An understanding of social behaviour is increasingly necessary in farm animal husbandry as more animals are housed in groups rather than in individual stalls or pens. There may be economic or welfare reasons for such housing. This book is the first to specifically address this important subject. The chapters fall into three broad subject areas: concepts in social behaviour; species specific chapters; current issues. Authors include leading experts from Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.





Farm livestock advisors, veterinarians, students and researchers in agriculture, animal science, veterinary medicine, zoology and applied farm livestock ethology.

Unlike wild animals, farm animals often cannot choose their own social groups, but try to adapt as best they can to the situations we place them in. Contributors from around the world working in the fields of agriculture, animal science, and animal welfare have brought together their exertise and understanding of the processes involved in social behaviour of livestock and fish under a range of circumstances. Their insights into social social needs and interactions are most illuminating. The book is also fully referenced throughout. Selection and presentation of data is designed to provide insight for the management, productivity, and welfare of farm animals.

The book begins by setting out concepts in social behavior, then moves on to species-specific behaviours, concluding with a section on contemporary issues and topics such as social isolation and separation trauma, personality, and people as social actors in the world of farm animals.

The section on fish is important to the growing industry of fish farming as well as those who spend time leisure time fishing.

It is a phenomenal and much needed compendium of socialisation needs and behaviors under both intensive and extensive farming conditions

*Ordering details: USA   Canada   UK (Europe) (all deliver world-wide)


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