Thinking and analytical skills - exploring, analysing, organising and achieving

Here is one of his diagrams...

Like all de Bono's approaches, the diagram is deceptively simple on the surface, but as you work under his guidance, the depth and power of the 4 structured inroads begin to emerge.

Here we see the essential 4 processes involved in working through a complex multi-element situation. If you look at this simple image for a few moments, you will begin to appreciate how de Bono's systematic thinking about a complex problem work together to penetrate the many elements of the situation. As you follow, under his guidance, four structured routes into the problem (blue arrows), you will find that these four structured approaches provide:

I admire the way de Bono goes on to relate this potentially theoretical  diagram to the immediate practical task of structuring a problem situation on a sheet of paper. You begin at the four sides of the paper and work inwards building up the problem-solving structure.

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