train & keep Vietnamese Potbelly Pigs - deal with potbellied pig housepig behavior problems plus mini-pig training guide - Mini Pig care 

Pet Minipig & Micropig and Potbellied Pig Behavior and Training How to train a Pet Mini pig, Kune Kune or Potbelly Pig

Potbellied Pig Behavior and Training

A Complete Guide for Solving Behavioral Problems
in Vietnamese Potbellied Pigs

Priscilla Valentine
Professional trainer for "Valentine's Performing Pigs"

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  • Part 1
        • Vietnamese Potbellied Pig behaviour
        • Choosing the right pet pig
        • Bringing home the new pig
        • There's a pig in my house!
        • Programming pigs - simple and fun!
        • The pig programing philosophy
        • Obedience and training basics
        • Teaching beginning tricks
        • Intermediate and advanced tricks
        • Aggressive behavior in housepigs
        • The 10-step program to discouraging aggressive behavior
        • Shaping your pet pig's behaviour
  • Part 2
        • Pig behavioral problems from A to Z
  • toptop


    This was the world's first and, for a time, the only book on training swine. Now in a new updated edition. A practical guide to behavioral problem modification in miniature pet hogs. Solutions to aggression, nipping, over rooting, litter box woes, and destructiveness in the house are included in a handy A to Z problem solving section. "Pig Programing', a simple method to teach your pig tricks and obedient behavior, is described in detail, as well as methods of socializing piglets. The book includes adorable color photos of potbellied pigs and animation.

    About the Author:
    Priscilla Valentine has lived with mini- pigs in her home for ten years. She has counseled people with piggy problems on the internet and telephone and is the professional trainer for Valentines Performing Pigs, a succesful national entertainment act. Priscilla has written for The Potbellied Pig Journal and The National Committee on Pot Bellied Pigs' publication. Her pigs have been World Pig Trick Champions four times!

    Ordering details:
    UK (Europe)     Canada edition     USA edition
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