Urogenital Problems of Sows often show up as discharge from the vulva commonly called vaginal or vulvar or vulval discharges 

What is causing that Discharge?

Urogenital Problems of Sows often show up as discharge from the vulva


Discharge type
Malodorous? Quantity?Consistency?Colour?
Pro-oestrus/oestrusNoSmallWatery, slightly tacky Clear, cloudy or white
During inseminationNoVariesSemen gel + watery fluidClear, cloudy or white
(up to 2 days)
No Small Thick, tenacious White, grey or cream
PregnancyNoSmallThick, tenaciousWhite, grey or cream
Post-partum lochia
(up to 5 days p.p.)
Slightly Up to 15 ml at a time, decreasing by 3rd dayUsually thickVaries
Vaginitis/cervicitisNot usually SmallThick, tenaciousWhite to yellow
(gilts/dry sows)
Marked or slight VariesVariesVaries
(after farrowing)
Yes Often >15 ml at a timeThin, may be lumpsVaries
Most casesVaries VariesVaries, may be blood-stained
No Varies Often gritty when rubbed between fingers Cloudy, white or yellow
Cystitis/pyelonephritis Severe cases: ammonia smell Mixed with urine Varied Possibly blood-stained

Source: Meredith, M.J. (1994) "Urogenital infections of swine"
Proc.7th International Meeting on Animal Reproduction, Murcia, Spain, 347-350

NOTE: bloody urine is often a sign of bladder infection [cystitis] but can also result from abortion, uterine infection or traumatic injury [e.g. mating (boar penis) or artificial insemination (catheter) injuries].



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