After weaning, pigs are known in some countries as "weaners" and in others as "nursery" swine. Either way it is the most challenging time for pig unit management skills. These immature hogs are going through a massive period of environmental changes - loss of maternal relationship, movement to a new environment, change of diet and mixing with strange pigs from other litters.
It is not surprising that this is a high risk time for disease occurrence and setbacks in growth!


Management and feeding of nursery aka weaner hogs, pigs, swine

The Weaner Pig: Nutrition and Management

edited by
Dr. Mike A. Varley  &  Dr. Julian Wiseman

SCA Nutrition, Thirsk, United Kingdom
School of Agriculture, University of Nottingham, UK

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Weaning represents a significant challenge to every young piglet and the success of the process is crucial to the lifetime performance of the animal. The transition from a liquid diet to one that is usually based on dry feed ingredients is accompanied by major changes in digestive physiology, immune status and social and physical environment needs.

Successful weaning is the key to effective growth, feed efficiency and the subsequent development of the pig.

This book was developed from a British Society of Animal Science meeting. It brings together all of the scientific disciplines involved in the pre- and post-weaning biology of swine...




from a range of top international experts...



Pig unit managers, Farm livestock advisors, veterinarians, students, researchers in agriculture, animal science, farm animal livestock nutrition, physiology and veterinary medicine.

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