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Pig Anatomy in 3D - Scale Model [16cm]

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Porcine Anatomy - Internal abdominal organs: diaphragm, heart, pig liver, spleen, small intestine, swine lung, heart, stomach, trachea oesophagus. Skeleton bones: vertebral column, forelimb bones scapula humerus radius bone, metacarpus vertebrae leg bones metatarsus tibia fibula, also snout tail hock teeth ribs.


Pig Manual: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Keeping Pigs

Keeping a few pigs has undergone something of a renaissance and never before has it been so popular. The Pig Manual is a straightforward, no-nonsense guide to getting started - whether your interest is filling your freezer, starting a new business, managing land the traditional way, or simply taking on some charismatic new pets.
Packed with colour photos and clear step-by-step text, this manual is ideal for beginners who need advice on buying and rearing their first pigs. Also a handy resource for the more experienced pig-producer who occasionally needs to dip into a quick-reference manual for help and reassurance.

Escape to the country? - THE AUTHOR WRITES: Unlike lots of my current friends, I wasn't born a farmer - far from it. I was brought up in a terraced house in South Wales and spent 30 years as a journalist & broadcaster before discovering there was more to life. Back in 2000, I accidentally - yes, accidentally - bought a smallholding, and started keeping livestock. Since then, I've never looked back. In my previous life, I used to interview celebrities and politicians, go to fancy media events, and swan around in designer clothes. When I bought my hilltop smallholding, all my smart outfits went on eBay to help buy a tractor; nowadays, you're unlikely to recognise any of the labels I wear unless you're a fan of heavy-duty wellies or waterproof overalls


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Pigs: Keeping a Small-Scale Herd for Pleasure & Profit (Hobby Farms)

All pig raisers will welcome the guidance and helpful tips of experienced rancher Arie B. McFarlen, PhD on the many aspects of raising and tending a small herd of pigs on a hobby farm. From selecting and purchasing the best pigs for a small farm to feeding, housing, and handling, Hobby Farms Pigs is a full-color comprehensive guide that is both practical and entertaining. The author has gathered advice from expert pig farmers from around the country on various topics, and the chapters on keeping pigs healthy and breeding and raising healthy piglets will prove especially helpful to experienced pig farmers as well as neophytes. Resources include an appendix of swine diseases, a glossary of relevant terms, listing of useful associations, books, periodicals, and websites. Fully indexed.

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Beginners' Guide to Sustainable Pig Farming
Care & Management Advice for Newcomers

Keeping, Breeding & Feeding Pigs Naturally, Behaviour of Wild Boar family groups

Video film images of pigs surviving ice and snow.
History of Domestic and Feral Pig-Keeping. Alternative farming systems.



Small Scale Outdoor Pig Breeding - pork production & swine farming

Small Scale Outdoor Pig Breeding

High Welfare Extensive Pig Farming Manual

A comprehensive guide to breeding and rearing pigs in natural conditions to promote their welfare, health, longevity and wellbeing, while enhancing the taste of pork. This book provides support for novice pig-keepers hoping to breed their own hogs - a valuable reference for both beginners and experienced breeders with information about different breeds of pigs and their respective needs. Topics include choosing a breed, selecting a boar, hogging [on heat behaviour], mating, gestation care, farrowing and hand-rearing.

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Farming For Beginners: The Backyard Animal Farm Guide To Farming Sheep, Raising Chickens, Turkeys, Pigs, Milking Cows, Goats, Honey Bees, Cattle
Basic Farming for Beginners: The Backyard Animal Farm Guide To Farming Sheep, Raising Chickens, Turkeys, Pigs, Milking Cows, Goats, Honey Bees, Cattle Farming: Volume 1 Paperback book
Everything a newcomer to farming or smallholding needs for success!

Do You Want To Know How To Get Started With Farming In The Simplest Way Possible? Simple instructions on how to farm with the most common types of farm animals? Maybe you are brand-new to farming, or maybe you are just curious and considering farming as a hobby or a new career?

  • How to choose the best type of land for your needs & How much land for each type of animal
  • Which type of equipment and tools are necessary. How to plan your grazing for optimum use
  • Which breeds of cattle, goats, pigs, sheep, poultry to choose
  • The benefits of grass-fed beef. How to milk a cow
  • How to handle your animals safely, in a stress-free way
  • How to brood chicks. How to butcher animals for home-raised meat
  • How to produce Goat milk, soap, cheese. How to collect honey from your hive.

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Size of Industry, Terms used in Pig Farming, Weight categories for Pork, Bacon & Heavy Pigs

Get Started In Pig Keeping: Teach Yourself book

Get Started In Pig Keeping: Teach Yourself!
Everything an amateur pigkeeper needs for success! by Tony York
Not got much time? - 1, 5 & 10 minute introductions to key principles will get you started!

  • Chapter 1: The starting point
  • Chapter 2: Preparation and knowing the rules
  • Chapter 3: Before your pigs arrive
  • Chapter 4: Can keeping pigs be cost effective?
  • Chapter 5: Getting your first pig
  • Chapter 6: Feeding your pig
  • Chapter 7: The health of your pig
  • Chapter 8: Breeding from your own stock
  • Chapter 9: Meat for the freezer
  • Chapter 10: Meat Sales and Local Marketing
  • Chapter 11: Who's who in the pig world
  • Innovative exercises illustrate what you've learned and how to use it
  • Quiz yourself: Tests in the book & online to keep track of your progress
  • Extend your knowledge: extra articles online
  • Five vital points to remember + Quick refreshers for key facts

Covers basic equipment, Choosing a breed, Legal aspects [UK EU], Understanding pig behaviour, Cleaning pig barns & arks, How to raise and slaughter pigs, Help with common problems, Quick tips for success! Learn effortlessly with easy-to-read page design and interactive features.

About the Author: Tony York has been running courses for amateur pig-keepers for over 10 years, and has seen the number of attendees triple in that time. He has made several television programmes on pigkeeping and is known in the community for his passionate commitment to furthering the cause of organic farming and smallholding as well as for his expert communication skills.

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Free Range Pig Farming - Starting Out Guide for Beginners to Keeping Hogs & Swine - Outdoor Pork Production

Free Range Pig Farming - Starting Out!
Beginners' Guide to Outdoor Pork Production

This simple practical guide covers all aspects of raising pigs outdoors for the serious small producer. An invaluable advice and tips resource for anyone contemplating, or new to free range pig farming. Feeding, breeding, farrowing, weaning, herding and marketing free range pigs are discussed from the small producers point of view. Tips for a safe, harmonious and profitable free range piggery that can only come from hands on experience. Free range pig farming encompasses animal husbandry and management skills as well as the care of the environment in which we farm. This book brings them all together with guides for a safe and sustainable free range farm to help you avoid the pitfalls of starting out on a free range farming venture.

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Pigs - The Tropical Agriculturalist: Pigs Revised Illustrated Paperback

Pigs: The Tropical Agriculturalist
Revised Illustrated Paperback Manual

Part of a series of practical field guides and textbooks for hot climates - startup or experienced farmers and farm managers, pig production extension officers, agricultural diploma, degree and vocational students, industry advisors, teachers and lecturers, reference library, international rural and community development programmes in equatorial countries.

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*Advice on Home-Curing Bacon and Ham - Preserving Pigmeat

Pigs for the Freezer: A Guide to Small-Scale Production for gourmet pork eaters and new amateurs interested in pig farming

Pigs for the Freezer: A Guide to Small-Scale Production

"Back Garden" pig keeping is expanding, not only in the countryside but also in town and city areas. This handbook is aimed at the small-scale producer in a suburban or urban environment as well as smallholders who want to keep a few pigs for the first time. It guides the reader through the day-to-day routine of looking after pigs and provides essential information. Moreover, it touches on the emotional side of sending your pigs to slaughter and demonstrates how the carcasses should be butchered. Includes a range of delicious recipes using just about every part of the pig, including the ears.
About the Author: Linda McDonald-Brown and husband present courses on small-scale pig farming and rears traditional pig breeds in Scotland, they also run a specialist company selling a wide range of arks and other pig equipment. Linda writes for smallholding magazines and appears in television and radio programmes.

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The Profitable Hobby Farm: How to Build a Sustainable Local Foods Business - for smallholders & small scale pig or poultry keepers

The Profitable Hobby Farm: How to Build a Sustainable Local Foods Business!

Turn your hobby farm into a successful local foods business! No experience in farming? No problem! This manual gives you all the tools you need to launch a thriving hobby farm business - showing you how to blend strategy, marketing and money management in order to prosper. A must–read book for raising and selling local, sustainable foods. Includes sample business plan, grant application, marketing and advertising plan etc. Plain-English advice from a self–proclaimed farm–girl–turned– entrepreneur on...

  • Free & low–cost marketing ideas
  • Trends in niche agriculture and local foods
  • Create a business plan for a small–scale or hobby venture
  • Assess your home marketplace - uncover niche markets not yet supplied
  • Financing options, grants and cost–sharing programs
  • Basic strategies for surviving the first year in business
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For new pig-keepers or small-scale hobby-farmers - Handle pigs, buy swine, barn house hogs, feed finishers, diagnose porcine illness
Where Best to Scratch a Pig?

Excellent practical guide for new pig-keepers or small-scale hobby-farmers. The author brings 27 years experience to expert advice. How to handle pigs, buy pigs, house them , feed them, diagnose illness and make some extra money. Plus how to make the best sausages you are ever likely to taste!

Includes a unique up-to-date review of the UK and EU laws and regulations affecting pig-keepers of any size unit. Also a history of pig breeds and pig husbandry, funny anecdotes, witty pictures & personal stories of swine-care "disaster management"!

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Successful Smallholding: Planning, Starting and Managing Your Enterprise

Successful Smallholding:
Planning, Starting and Managing Your Enterprise

Some people are lucky enough to purchase a property large enough to ensure that the whole family is self-sufficient, but for most only enough land will be available to make smallholding a hobby. This book caters for those with a small amount of land and for the lucky minority with a much larger acreage.

Downshifting has become synonymous with selling up, starting a smallholding and escaping the rat race. Some people are lucky enough to purchase a property large enough to ensure that the whole family is self-sufficient, but for most only enough land will be available to make smallholding a hobby. Accordingly, this book caters for those with a small amount of land and for the lucky minority with a much larger acreage. Many of the books currently available mention only the pleasures of owning a smallholding, this volume adopts a pragmatic approach and discusses the many pitfalls.

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Pig In A Day with Hugh and Ray!
Unique DVD from Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and team offers not merely a thorough grounding in the delights of small scale pig-keeping, but also a complete guide to butchering and processing a pig, from nose to tail. It includes full instructions for making your own hams, bacon and sausages, and much more besides. Hugh believes you don't have to be a pig-keeper to enjoy this package, just a pig enthusiast. Anyone who likes pigs and pork, and wants to find out how and why the best pork comes from the happiest pigs, will get a great deal out of it.
DVD: 148 mins
Pig-keeping, Butchering, Processing, Cooking - the delights of small scale pig management, nose to tail complete guide, instructions for making your own hams bacon sausages pork cuts, processing offal, equipment, recipes, cookery guide, Prosciutto

by TV Celebrity Chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

  • The Joys of Pig-Keeping - Smallholding Pigs - Beginners Guide
  • Home Butchering: Tools & Techniques
  • Butcher's Cuts: Preparation (first trimmings), Demonstration of jointing leg/ham, separating loin & belly, removing loin & chump end, boning out the chine bone, separation of long loin & sparerib joint [for a larger, slow roast], remove hand & hock from from belly, make loin chops, separate long loin & rack of ribs, preparing long loin & spare rib joint, bone out the blade bone, prepare thick end of belly
  • Sausages, Curing & Charcuterie: Sausages, Salamis, Dry-cured ham [Prosciutto Style], English traditional Brine-cured Ham [for boiling and baking], Herbs & Spices to use for Seasoning, Handling pig or sheep Intestines for sausage casings
  • Recipes: How to cook Brawn, Liver Pate, Stuffed tenderloin, Chinese ribs, Crispy brains, Devilled kidneys, Black pudding, Roast loin of pork with crackling, Pork loin in milk
  • Useful Organisations & Information: Pig Equipment, Farm Livestock, Ingredients [flavourings, spices, preservatives], Casings for sausage-making, chipolatas etc
  • Charcuterie is the branch of cooking pork products devoted to prepared pigmeat products such as bacon, ham, sausage, terrines, galantines, pâtés and confit.

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    Starting with Pigs - A Beginners Guide for pig-keepers by Andy Case
    Start a Pig Farm?
    A Beginner's Guide to Pig-Keeping

    by Andy Case
    Written for the smallholder pig keeper, this guide gives clear instructions on the care and management of outdoor pigs on a small scale farm.
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    Starting with Pigs - A Beginners Guide for pig-keepers by Andy Case
    "A Guide to Traditional Pig Keeping"

    by Carol Harris

    Whether you want to keep pigs for profit or pleasure, this comprehensive book covers all aspects of traditional pig keeping, including choosing the right breed, housing, feeding, stockmanship, ailments, breeding, showing, pigs as pets, sales and marketing and includes a dedicated section to butchering and processing including making sausages and other recipes.
    About the Author [Hear BBC Interview with the Author: HERE (Click "Listen to this Item")]
    Carol Harris has a smallholding where she keeps a small number of rare-breed pigs - mainly Berkshire, Tamworth and Kune Kune. She produces traditional pork, sausages, bacon and gammon which is mainly sold direct to customers. She has been featured in Rick Stein's Guide to the food heroes of Britain and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall s River Cottage Meat Book - the only specialist meat producer to be listed for Wales in the latter publication. She does not show her pigs, but showed and judged dogs for many years. Apart from her agricultural activities, she runs a network marketing business in the health and nutrition field, publishes a magazine, runs training courses in business and personal skills and writes books on a wide range of subjects.

    A clear, concise and practical guide to sound, old-fashioned basic pig husbandry. The book provides information required by anyone thinking about buying and keeping some pigs. For existing pig keepers it provides extra information to help with most situations.

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    Locally grown produce specialty farm products - Farmers' markets  pasture-raised meats, organic vegetables fruit artisanal cheeses baked goods handmade condiments

    Locally grown produce and specialty farm products are finding eager new customers every season. Farmers' markets sprout up every spring, luring tourists and locals with pasture-raised meats, organic vegetables and fruit, artisanal cheeses, and a seemingly endless assortment of baked goods, handmade condiments, and craft items. Restaurants and grocery stores feature products from regional farms with pride. And direct-to-consumer marketing and selling is a reality for every farmer with an Internet connection. To help farmers position themselves well for the opportunities afforded by today's market, Sarah Aubrey, a successful farm-based business owner, shares her years of research and experience. Everything readers need to know about launching a small agricultural enterprise, from initial start-up to consumer marketing. Begin by fine-tuning that bright idea into a viable business plan, and then learn how to go out and sell it. Secure financing, work out the legalities, follow the proper USDA guidelines, and a farming business is born. Aubrey explains every step of the process and even includes samples of the required forms. Every small farmer must also become a skilled salesperson and marketing professional. Aubrey runs through all the selling options — from rural farmstands to Websites to food service wholesalers. She also explains how to create and stick with an advertising budget, how to develop pricing strategies, and the importance of personal asset protection.

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    *FREE FACTS SHEET: Economics of Farrow-to-Wean Pig Units: download (Costs,Income,Budget Planning)


    Self-build Projects for Farm Livestock, Smallholders & Gardens - polytunnel, beehives, poultry arks and runs, cloches, dog kennel, feed bins, feeder for lambs, incubators, nesting box for hens, renewable energy projects, solar heating panels
    NEW 2nd EDITION!!
    "Build It! - DIY Projects for Farms, Smallholdings & Gardens"

    Practical instructions for over 50 livestock DIY projects. Former engineer Joe Jacobs guides you through equipment, materials and plans for handyman projects including a polytunnel, beehive, poultry arks and runs, gates, sheep hurdles, fencing, sustainable cultivation cloches, dog kennels, animal feed storage, a heated lamb creep feeder, incubator, nesting boxes for hens and renewable energy projects, solar power panels.

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    *FREE POSTERS: Sow Colostrum   Hospitalisation Pens   Neonatal Piglets   Disinfection

    "Pigs: Keeping a Small-Scale Herd for Pleasure and Profit"Pigs Hogs - Smallholders Guide to Keeping Small Scale hobby swine herds for Fun & Self-sufficiency - Hobby Farming

    Published 2008 by Hobby Farm Press
    Author: Arie B. McFarlen ISBN: 1933958189

    Synopsis: Pigs are intelligent, hardy animals that are easy to care for. Suitable for any smallholding farm or small-scale children's petting zoo. Written for both the inexperienced beginning owner as well as seasoned pig-keepers, This is a comprehensive pig-keeping guide covering all the essentials for owning and raising, complete with full-colour photos, helpful glossary and expert advice from experienced pig farmers. A useful manual for Self-sufficiency enthusiasts!
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    Smallholding Pig Raising on the Increase - Are you Ready for Keeping Pigs for Pork?
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    Pig-keeping for smallholdings
    "Choosing and Keeping Pigs: A Complete Practical Guide"                              

    Choosing & Keeping Pigs: A Complete Practical Guide to Living with SwinePigs make friendly, intelligent pets and clear ground, recycle waste, fertilize the soil and produce wonderful meat. "Choosing and Keeping Pigs" will provide you with all you need to know regarding pig-rearing and care. This practical, accessible book is the ideal beginner's guide to these great animals, and includes clear instructions on choosing and looking after pigs, and expert advice on housing, fencing, feeding and farrowing. The book also includes a comprehensive directory of over 30 traditional and rare breeds.
    Linda McDonald-Brown is a highly experienced pig keeper and runs her own company producing pig arcs. She keeps and farrows a wide range of traditional and rare breeds as well as teaching one-day courses on how to get started with pigs.

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                                                 (all deliver world-wide)
    Fascinating facts and information on flying pigs, hog calling, greased pigs, pigs as pets, collecting pig memorabilia and pig phrases

    "Complete Pig: An Entertaining Guide to, and History of, Pigs & Swine"


    "How to Build Animal Housing: 60 Plans for Coops, Hutches, Barns, Sheds, Pens, Feeders, Stanchions and More"How to Build Animal Housing: 60 Plans for Coops Hutches Barns Sheds Pens Nestboxes Feeders Stanchions & Much More by Carol Ekarius
    How to Build Animal Housing is the most comprehensive and useful guide of its kind. For small-scale farmers, hobby farmers, do-it-yourselfers, and animal lovers, this book is indispensable. The book is essential reading for anyone interested in animal health and welfare.

    Includes complete plans and step-by-step, illustrated instructions for sheds, coops, hutches, multipurpose barns, and economical easy-to-build windbreaks and shade structures. Ekarius covers new high-tech, portable structures made of plastics and fabrics, such as hoop houses and hen spas, as well as more traditional alternatives, such as straw-bale structures. Always practical, she enumerates the advantages and disadvantages of ready-to-build kits and modular barnyard buildings and includes designs for watering systems, feeders, chutes, stanchions, and more--the essentials that help owners keep their animals healthy and happy. Ekarius wisely emphasizes the importance of careful planning, choosing an appropriate housing site, and complying with local zoning regulations; pest control, basic housing maintenance, and insurance costs are also discussed. Real-world advice from farmers and veterinarians on the types of housing and facilities animals like best enliven the text throughout.

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    DVD: All About Pigs!

    All about Swine - intelligence, bomb-sniffing, organ transplantation, from laboratory to pig sty, donating eyes to pancreas the roles pigs play in our society. Bacon, ham, ribs and sausage production, pork specialties: prosciutto and acorn-fed pigmeat

    From Bomb-sniffing to Organ-transplantation to Dinner-plate. An exploration of those special Porcine Talents & The Roles Pigs play in Society

    Book: "How to Raise Pigs"

    Pig-keeping, Butchering, Processing, Cooking - the delights of small scale pig management, nose to tail complete guide, instructions for making your own hams bacon sausages pork cuts, processing offal, equipment, recipes, cookery guide, Prosciutto
    How to Keep Pigs for Pleasure or Profit, small scale or large. From choosing a breed to putting bacon & sausages on the table. From feeding to Breeding + a chapter on fences

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    Charlotte's Web - Preview of this cute Children's Film
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    Swine Husbandry Guide - information about keeping pigs, pig care and management on a smallholding 
    "A Field Guide to Pigs" - Pig Breeds - Facts - Behaviour - Zoology
    Review: A cute collection of all kinds of interesting titbits of information about pigs. There is a good guide to the zoological and historical background of the porcine species. Fascinating titbits about pigs taken from literature. A review of common breeds and their identification features and geographical distribution plus general information about the behaviour, needs and lifestyle of pigs. It is a useful book for people who are new to the world of the pig and pig farming.
    Industry people looking for specialist technical husbandry information will be disappointed.
    Especially useful for smallholders and hobby or pet pigkeepers.
    Contents: Pig terms - Parts of a pig - Pork cuts and joints, pork bellies & spam - Pig Watching - Pig farming - Domestic pig breeds - Wild pigs - other Suidae & the Peccary - Origin of pigs - History of pig domestication - Pig Latin - Pig quotations - Pig Poems - Superstitions - Glossary.
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    On the Farm by Jimmy Doherty - The book of the famous smallholding TV series Jimmy's Farm
    "On the Farm" by Jimmy Doherty
    The book of the famous TV series "Jimmy's Farm"
    The book gives a fuller picture of the process of building the smallholding farm and what life was like doing it plus more insight into the character of Jimmy Doherty himself and how he coped with setbacks and frustrations. An informative and enjoyable read.
    The book tells of Doherty's sheer hard work and determination to create a rare breed farm with no experience at all. It also has some useful practical farming tips and recipes on extensive welfare-friendly organic livestock farming and on cooking and selling high quality meat products including the famous Jimmy Doherty "love sausage".

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    The Biological Potential of Swine
    USA edition of The Whole Hog - natural history of domestic and wild swine United Kingdom and Canada edition of The Whole Hog - biology of domesticated and wild pigs

    Author of "The Whole Hog - Exploring the Extraordinary Potential of Pigs" is biologist Lyall Watson who has tracked pigs in the wild, observed their resourceful and playful lives and deciphered their language of vocal sounds. During forty million years of evolution, pigs have become increasingly versatile, gregarious and more curious. Sixteen species of wild pigs are found over all continents except Australia (feral pigs only) and Antarctica.

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    Storey's Guide to Raising Pigs by Kelly Klober Storeys Guide to Raising Pigs by Kelly Klober
    Storey's Guide to Raising Pigs
    by Kelly Klober

    Paperback - 313 pages
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    Swine management and Pig Production Biological principles - hogs and pigs
    Pig Production
    Biological Principles & Applications

    Dr. John McGlone & Dr. Wilson G. Pond

    More details


    Keeping pigs /hogs - Breeding and raising swine - guide for Smallholders Rearing pork - smallholding manual

    Small-Scale Pig Raising
    Dirk Van Loon & Dick Van Loon

    More details



    Practical Pig Keeping by Paul Smith Practical Pig Keeping by Paul Smith

    Practical Pig Keeping
    Paul Smith

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    Management and feeding of nursery swine - weaner pigsThe Weaner Pig: Nutrition and Management - NEW!!
    by Dr. Mike A. Varley & Dr. Julian Wiseman
    Hardback - 352 pages Approx price: US$100   UK£55 currency calculator
    Contents & Review



    Stockpersons & StockmanshipHuman-Livestock Interactions::
    The Stockperson & Productivity & Welfare of Intensively Farmed Animals
    by Paul H. Hemsworth & G.J. Coleman
    Hardcover 176 pages Approx price: US$55   UK£30
    Contents & reviews



    Farm livestock handling and transport welfareLivestock Handling and Transport
    2nd Edition
    by Dr. Temple Grandin
    Contents & review



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