Pork industries worldwide have developed Pork Quality Assurance (PQA) schemes to encourage safe meat production & reassure consumers and public health authorities
Assured British Meat bacon pork pigmeat quality standard assurance scheme - Meat and Livestock Commission BPEX MLC UK

Pork & Bacon Pigmeat Quality Assurance (QA)

Schemes in United Kingdom

Antibiotic Usage in QA Red Tractor Scheme

*Antibiotic Use Monitoring on UK Farms - NEW! Red Tractor Scheme: October 2014

Also known as "Farm Assured", PQA or Pork QA Certification

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*Pork Quality - Reduce Boar Taint via Selective Breeding: Review


Pig Health Improvement Project (PHIP) - BPEX UK Pig Health Scheme 2013

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History of "Post-Farm Gate" QA schemes in UK

Pigmeat sold with the Quality Standard Mark must not only be from assured pigs, but also hauled on assured vehicles and killed in assured abattoirs. Where further processing takes place, this must also be in assured premises.

There are three schemes providing assurance on the aspects of transport and processing:

  • The ABM Livestock Transport Scheme *
  • British Quality Assured Pork (BQAP) scheme for abattoirs & processors of fresh pork products*
  • BMMA Charter Bacon and Ham Scheme (for processors of cured pigmeat)
*Assured British Pigs (ABM) and British Quality Assured Pork (BQAP).

UK Pigmeat Quality Assurance Schemes

Assured British Meat (ABM) was the "umbrella" organisation overseeing pig and ruminant QA schemes, but now pigs and ruminants are independent schemes.

The pigs sector ABP scheme inherited the achievements of ABM in amalgamating the original FAB Pigs and Malton QA shemes.

Assured British Pigs operates in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, but in Scotland, pig farm assurance is provided by SPII (Scottish Pig Industry Initiative) under the control of QMS (Quality Meat Scotland).

There is a desire for co-operation and liaison between all food and farm assurance schemes in all sectors so they all use the British Farm Standard (BFS) Tractor logo (below) as a brand mark indicating quality assured UK produce. There are also industry needs to facilitate single inspections of farms that work in more than one type of food production. A new organisation, Assured Food Standards (AFS) was formed for this purpose. It is an organisation that brings autonomous schemes together for common purposes. Within its framework are the schemes for red meat, poultry meat, dairy, crops and produce.

The British Farm Standard Red Tractor Quality Assurance Scheme QA logo
The BFS tractor logo is allowed on Pork and pork products that can be traced through the assured chain. It is subject to licence approval. The logo can only be used on pork and pork products alongside the existing Pork Quality Standard Mark (top of page).

The Assured British Pigs scheme was operated by EFSIS Certification out of their Stourport office, under Scheme Manager Marcus Wood prior to BPEX taking over.

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