Organic agriculture is growing worldwide and there is a rising market sector of consumers willing to pay double or treble the normal price for meat or produce that carries an organic label
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 Organic Livestock Farming - Organic Pork Beef Lamb & Meat Products 

Organic Livestock Farming - Organic Pork & Pigmeat Products


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Free Range Pig Farming - Starting Out Guide for Beginners to Keeping Hogs & Swine - Outdoor Pork Production

Free Range Pig Farming - Starting Out!
Beginners' Guide to Outdoor Pork Production

This simple practical guide covers all aspects of raising pigs outdoors for the serious small producer. An invaluable advice and tips resource for anyone contemplating, or new to free range pig farming. Feeding, breeding, farrowing, weaning, herding and marketing free range pigs are discussed from the small producers point of view. Tips for a safe, harmonious and profitable free range piggery that can only come from hands on experience. Free range pig farming encompasses animal husbandry and management skills as well as the care of the environment in which we farm. This book brings them all together with guides for a safe and sustainable free range farm to help you avoid the pitfalls of starting out on a free range farming venture.

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Outdoor Organic Pig Production
Financially Viable Systems in UK, Spain, Eastern Europe & Brazil

How Waitrose Supermarket in U.K. supports organic extensive production

  Organic farm produce - vegetables fruit cheeses patisserie meats home-made condiments
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The Complete Guide to Organic Livestock Farming: Everything You Need to Know about Natural Farming on a Small Scale - Back-to-Basics

The Complete Guide to Organic Livestock Farming:
Everything You Need to Know about Natural Farming on a Small Scale

Back-to-Basics Series

Small scale farming has grown greatly in popularity during the last two decades, with a greater turn in public awareness toward locally grown, organic, grass fed products that have not been modified, chemically altered, or poorly fed. For that reason, those looking to start a small scale farm and raise livestock have a greater chance than ever before to take advantage of the new market for small scale goods. This book will show any potential small scale farmer how to start raising their livestock and marketing it to the organic, natural lifestyle community that so fervently seeks out these products.

You will learn how to start the basic outline for your new small farm, including which livestock to raise, how to build their pens and habitat, and what you will be feeding them to maintain a healthy, organic farm. You will learn the basics of animal husbandry, from genetics and breeding to feeding, building locations, and proper health and reproduction care. You will learn how to find yourself in the right niche for selling your products and what legalities you must see to as well as the butchering and processing phase Hundreds of hours of in-depth interviews have been conducted for this book with top experts in farm management to provide you with details about farm planning, financial planning, and proper livestock planning. A complete appendix will detail the various breeds and needs of cattle, chickens, goats, horses, pigs, and sheep to help you select the right livestock for your farm. In addition, you will learn the basic composition of most feeds, different grasses and legumes you can use, and find a plethora of outside resources to utilize. For anyone with dreams of a small farm and raising livestock in their future, this is a book for you.

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*Economics of Organic Pork Production Research: News

*Comparison between Organic & Intensive Husbandry Systems - The Ethical Matrix Approach: Research

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Video: Minerals & Antioxidants Difference between Organic & Conventional Foods
Selenium, Nitrate, Nitrosamine, Free radical Nutritional Quality Differences

review of organic farming and farms management advice review of organic farming and farms management advice

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Why have Organic Meat & Produce Becoming So Popular?

The current meteoric rise of organic farming can be attributed to a combination of factors:

  • Successive food scares: BSE, E. coli 0157, Salmonella
  • Concern about genetically modified (GM) products
  • Concerns about livestock welfare in intensive systems
  • Belief that organic products are more nutritious
  • Fear of pesticide residues in non-organic produce
  • Fear of artificial fertiliser residues in non-organic produce
  • Fear of medication residues in non-organic produce
  • Fear of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in non-organic produce
  • high value niche markets sought by small scale farmers

    Managing Foraging Free-Range Tamworth Pigs Outdoors in a UK Wood




    Organic Food Standards in the United Kingdom

    The UK Register of Organic Food Standards was established by Ministers to set national standards for organic production and processing. It consists of an independent Board and its secretariat is provided by MAFF. Since the introduction of European Union standards for organic food, UKROFS has become the UK authority for the monitoring and enforcement of these standards.

    *Certification of Organic Farms UK
    *Biodynamic Agriculture - sustainable farming: UK Association

    Organic Pig Farming Research in Britain

    The U.K. Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF) has funded a three-year Postdoctoral Research post in Organic Pig Production at the Department of Agriculture, University of Aberdeen.

    The research is based at an organic farm in Oxfordshire and is designed to generate scientific information necessary to optimise systems for organic pig production.

    At present, only a few organic pig farms exist within the UK but the market is developing rapidly and a major expansion in organic pig production is anticipated. Information on the optimal methods to achieve biologically and economically efficient production under organic standards is urgently needed. This three year project comprises a research collaboration between ADAS, Aberdeen University and current organic producers, in order to address this subject. It will include investigations of different genotypes, feeding regimes and pasture utilisation strategies, with assessment of their effects on health and welfare, reproduction, growth and meat quality.

    Niche Markets for Organic Pig Farms in UK

    One sector of the pig industry that has suffered minimal impact from the economic downturn over the past year, is the "Organic Pigmeat" sector. Not only is this small sector surviving, but it is in fact growing, as hard-pressed pig farmers search for more profitable and secure "niche" markets. The organic sector is also being boosted by EU subsidies. Only about 7,000 organic pigs are produced per year at present in the UK, but they sell for two to three times the price of conventional pigs. Organic feed for livestock costs more than conventional diets, but a growing number of feed companies are offering it.

    Certification of UK Organic Farms

    With the recent establishment of the Aberdeen University Centre for Organic Agriculture (AUCOA), existing staff are involved in collaborative research with producers of a range of organic commodities. The project will also involve input from representatives of organic certification bodies, retailers and animal welfare organisations, offering a unique opportunity to gain experience of all facets of the food supply chain.
    The research will be under the direction of Dr Sandra Edwards, Department of Agriculture, MacRobert Building, 581 King Street, Aberdeen AB24 5UA.



    Organic Farming & Food in the European Union

    Only 2% European Union farms are organic (3% of EU agricultural land area) but organic meat, pork and organic produce production is a fast-growing EU market sector. Growth has been about 30% per year in recent years, but some plateaux effects are now becoming apparent.

    *Organic Farming in the European Union: Overview & Directives

    *Organic Pig Production in the EU: Review

    *Organic Farming in the European Union: Country directory


    Race to Develop "Organic" Breeding Stock

    A race is on by pig genetic ("seedstock") companies to develop "organic" swine genotypes and capture the anticipated market for supplying sows and boars whose progeny can survive and be productive without the constant support of antibiotics and pesticides. Performance trials of British Saddleback and Duroc crosses are in progress. Investigations are being funded by the UK Ministry of Agriculture (MAFF) and by a major supermarket chain. One UK breeding company is already offering special "organic" hybrid gilts, developed specially for organic pork producers.





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