Pet Potbellied Pigs Sing Holiday Favorites - The Jingle Bellies Christmas Album - Musical Vietnamese Potbelly Pigs 
Singing Vietnmamese potbellied pigs - Sing along with musical Christmas carol hogs - pet swine music melodies
Sing Along with Swine!
Seasonal Gruntings from - The Jingle Bellies - Singing Pigs


Rooting for a different kind of musical experience? - Well here it is!

Clear the winter blues with a Piggin' good sing!
Please note: this recording contains NO genetically modified (GM) livestock.

No pigs were harmed (or ham-ed) in the making of this music...
  ...admittedly a few music lovers have been harmed listening to it!

Tested on animals? No, definitely not - we tried but they ran away.
Is this what people mean by "taste-ful" music?

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Singing Pigs - singalong Christmas music with musical pet Vietnamese potbelly swine

THE JINGLE BELLIES ALBUM was conceived by musician Bobby Breaux in 1994 after his wife Susie played a tape containing sounds made by co-worker Tina Walker's pet potbellied pig, Rebel. Although the original intent was to have a few laughs while listening to pig flatulence, the other emanations such as grunts, snorts, burps, and slurps captured on tape while Rebel was eating caught the attention of Bobby's ears. Hearing that the sounds had musical possiblities, he recorded a few of the pig noises into a digital sampler and programmed them to squeal and grunt the melody of "Old MacDonald."

Lunch hour the next day at Susie's office was anything but normal. She played a cassette of the tune for some of the company personnel and after witnessing a considerable amount of belly-laughing by the group she immediately telephoned her husband. Susie encouraged him to do more with the idea seeing that everyone at the office thought it was a hoot. Since chipmunks, cats and dogs have had successful Christmas albums, then why not pot-bellied pigs? Hence, THE JINGLE BELLIES were born, and for the next four and a half months the music studio in the Breaux household "oinked" morning, noon, and night.

THE JINGLE BELLIES CHRISTMAS ALBUM is a diverse collection of arrangements of some well known Holiday favorites. Below is a list of song titles and credits from the recording:

* Selections:
1. Deck The Halls
2. Joy To The World
3. Medley:
- God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,
- Hava "Nasqueala"
4. Amazing "Grease"
5. Jingle Bells
6. O Come All Ye Faithful
7. Greensleeves
8. Medley:
  - Noel
  - O Christmas Tree
  - We Wish You A Merry Christmas
* Credits:
This recording features analog/digital samples of real pot-bellied pig sounds with musical accompaniment.
* Recording Info:
All arrangements, programming, and sequencing: Bobby Breaux
Recorded and mixed to DAT at RJB Music, Arlington, TX.
Engineer: Bobby Breaux.
CD-R Mastering and Editing: Mark Holland-JAM Creative Productions Dallas, Texas.
* Graphics Info:
    Cover concept: Bobby Breaux
    Cover and CD artwork: Dari Hayes- Dallas, TX.
    Printing and Layout: CCS Printing-Dallas, Texas.


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